Harsh Masquerade

by @nahlej381 @djtjb

Liner Notes

DJTJB: Production/keys/Most everything that is cool
Nahlej: Mis-recorded guitars/bass/room mics/Production

Edit: the file was only playing 30 some odd minutes. If you are really brave and want to listen to the full hour and 20 min it is available now lol

so travis and i were doin some jammin and made this. i selected the wrong input for you guitar so instead of super clean guitars we got a room mic listening in on us which actually made some interesting textures. this was a live jam...if you have the time to stick around until the end, then god bless you...you probably fell asleep and hung around i guess...glad we could be there for you. probably going to release this as a record on it's own. FUN IS FUN. this is a pretty epic jam with lots of stuff to grab you and steal your lunch money. ear candy with razorblades in the middle!!!!! fr tho...love you all.

#experimental #livejam #instrumental #LONG
#funky #dark #fawmtronica #fullalbuminonetrack


Um...have to admit I didn't listen to the end. Maybe I quit a minute or so early? ;-)

But what I DID listen to was pretty darned good so, you know, maybe edit it down? 😀


Wow...great stuff happen at 8.21 Then at 32.00 (until the end) those spacy starry nebula sounds...I believe it's close encounter of the strange kind. Cool