A Boom Boom

by @rorowe

Liner Notes

"I'm sick of fireworks." Got a little political, and brought out the electric bass...
#Bass #Ukulele #looping #4thOfJuly #FiftyNinety #ColoradoMusicians #MultiInstrumentalist


Stage One Fire Ban, put in place
With the the state of the union in full disgrace
But it doesn’t stop us from blowing things up
Traumatizing folks and scaring the pup

Roadside vendors selling the wares
Noises and lights are the cause of the scare
Walkout in the morning to assess the debris
This isn’t what I asked for when I asked to be free

A boom boom nuh uh, please don’t
A boom boom nuh uh, ugh no
A boom boom nuh uh, please stop
A boom boom nuh uh, nuh uh, uh…

A curfew in place for the Black and brown
But one in the morn’ before the noise dies down
An occasional whistle as the rockets glare
Bleary-eyed in a sleepless stare

Fuzz buttles, crap flappers, zippity do das
Whisker biscuits, nipsy daisers, why do we do this?
Firearms make all the same kind of sounds
How many times do we gotta go ‘round?


Dug the electric bass, man, and loved that chorus! Really catchy words, too, that match a gnarly beat! Awesome how this lyric all flows so well on the page, then blasts off when in song with some really nice smooth cool. Great job! Thanks for sharing!


This is fantastic on every level, I love it. Great playing, great looping, and an on target lyric. What a metaphor of people celebrating by blowing things up when you think about it. -very tasty playing and singing all around!


Excellent music and playing. Good topical lyrics and what a pleasure to see it all come together on the video. Skilled looping here. I really liked the funky ukulele.