by @rorowe

Liner Notes

True story about my childhood barber - "George", who used to fly gyrocopters in the air force. Talking about my childhood barber with my current barber, brought up all these cool memories. #ukulele #delay #firstfruits #ColoradoMusicians


Talkin’ stories like they’ve known you for years (F, F7, BM7, F)
Passing time as they lower your ears
The weather’s fine and how was your day?
Keep those clippers buzzing away.

I knew that he served by the photos I saw
Aircraft like choppers but much too small
Like a helo and a bicycle mashed up in a way
So a single gutsy pilot could fly it a way

Now a different kind of blade he’s mastered for now
Retired from the gyrocopters with a vow
That the only thing he’d take for a spin
Was the barber’s chair I’m sittin’ in.

When I was a boy, the stories were simpler, (Dm, C5 w/ walk-down)
A hotwheels car with the numbered sticker
Racing along the patterned tiles
Avoiding the clumps of hair in piles

Decades later, and long since passed
A memory of George returned from my past
Talking to a barber in much the same way
Rich and I talked gyros for most of the day


[verse 1]


I can't express how much I love these lyrics. It's such an awesome story that you put to song. Very nice work, Robert!


I love the beat here, as it feels like the beat that you'd hear if a copter was above you. Lovely story line delivered well. I like all the haircutting references. Great job!


This was a lot of fun! I quite enjoyed it. I'd heard the word, but I don't think I ever really knew what a gyrocopter was.