Songs about You

by @deylavey

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

Feedback that would be helpful: Comments on structure. Do you think any of these verses would make for a good chorus?

Doing 50-90 also in a period of my life where I am starting to maintain amicable contact with exes, I’m finding much of my inspiration is coming from people I still talk to and situations that are current. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety about people stumbling upon songs I’ve written about them, so I wrote these lyrics as an explanation and to process all this myself.



Do you think I’m talking about you?
Or do you know?
I’m not sure which one id prefer.

But things are always changing
Nothings solidified
Feelings, thoughts and actions
New, everlasting, nullified

Just let the song pass
You don’t have to take a side
In Claims, accusations, musings
True, false, unverified

I’m just trying to understand the world
And I understand better when I write
Questions always swirling
Who, what if, how, and why?

A photo is just one view.
A song is just like that.
Not every angle’s flattering,
Not every lyric’s fact.

Some of these are stories
Journeys in my life
Some of them, mere pictures
A single snap of light

But you gotta understand
I’m not being impolite
Cuz it’s really just for me,
That’s why I write.

Life takes me different places
It doesn’t always matter where.
But I share the trips through song,
For others passing there.


I'm just catching up on all the random collabs and discovered you there So now I'm catching up on yours. I like the conversational style of this which I think will determine musical style later! I love the last verse. It sums up a lot pf what I feel. Nice


I like the overall concept here, and particularly that line at the end "I share the trips through song for others passing there". Come to think of it, maybe that last verse is the chorus?