by @splittybooms

Liner Notes


I hear you.


"My music is hot garbage
and my music is so stupid
my music does not sound good
and i shouldn't make any more music"


Like others have said - the build really works, the vocaloid sounds emotional for reals, and yes it has got the epic in it. Tuneful as well.


digging the voice sample and the groove! that Vocaloid character can't see it but I'm actually in the front row at their online concert protesting.. their music is cool and they should totally keep making more~


Even vocaloids deserve our love and support. Tell 'em they're doing good work, because they are! That in-yer-face, bone-dry drum track is *so* good.


Are they really the lyrics? ...... waits ......
Deep kick! Beat is kickin'

Ahh, Love computerised vocals! They can often sound very emotional, as this does - good work. Has a real melancholy tone to it. You should tell that computer voice that you're in control, and it's all 'the best'.

Production is huge - lovely build up - the arrangement gets very elated against the vocal, which also, it feels, builds up in emotional intensity - by the end though, it sounds like a party! Awesome!


lmao, they lyrics are hilarious...only you could make self deprecation so epic. this is almost as cool as laught at the idiot.

edit to the lyrics in my mind:
your music is hot fire
and your music is soooo lit
your music sounds too good
and you should make more music

i love your production style man, and i'm with the french toast do you get that vocal chop soundin so good...i'm not worthy to call you my friend!!!! but i'm still going to, if that's ok with you. the instrumentation on this was so gosh darn good.


Love that vocal line.
That percussion is simple but really effective, allowing everything else to flow around it as it holds down the bottom end.
Great beepy boopy goodness in the headphones.
I'm loving the distant piano at the end there.
Yeah, nice!


Love it.


Sounds awesome to me, but, yeah, those feelings come to all of us…


NO WAY...keep making music bro!😎
This song just sets me up for that organ part at 1:07..Bazinga💥 there it is. .I love this type of music. Then those sampled vocals (?) kick in..killer. The entire song was 2.32(which flew by) and I could have listened to twice as much. So keep pumping it out! Beside we have some work to do with @MegaMind and the coach has you hitting clean-up.


Sooo - I just got back into town a little late last night. I'm doing a bit of catch up on listening and I come across this. I sincerely hope this is a fleeting moment in time and you'll continue to crank out the tunes. I was thinking about the instrumentation and I was like, "this reminds me of The Art of Noise's Moments In Love". So dude - there such sweeping, epic moments going on (like the little piano dip towards the end). And lastly, and probably most annoyingly - that signature voice tune thingy you do - I'm going to send some phrases to you. I WANT that sound!!!