Nighttime Shade

by @jeustan

Liner Notes

started 30 minutes in, so it was a very quick write and recording. the music completely improvised #skirmish #songskirmish #s073122b #dall-e

The prompt was to write a song in an hour based on this AI generated image:

thanks @andygetch for hosting and this amazing prompt.


I can the strokes that borne the sky tonight
brushed alive by some unknown under all of it

the nighttime shade of what I realize
under all this darkness
the nighttime shade of what I see
maybe we're really looking down
the nighttime shade of what may be
my closest relative among this sea of nothing
the nighttime shade, oh shield me, I see nothing
and nothing looks back at me


Nice noodly guitar and really good almost anguished vocals, very nice.


Lovely guitar work, especially for being improvised.
Really expressive vocal delivery.
Yeah, super lovely!


I love how the nighttime shade has at least three possible meanings shade=ghost, shade=hue, shade=dark. The way you play and sing deepens the exploration. I really feel like I’m in the dark picking out the possibilities. That descending line feels like winding down a path to the river. What a great use of half an hour.


Interesting combination between the improvisation at the start and the vocals coming with a gentle guitar. You paint a thoughtful picture of the night shade.


Strong improv in your nighttime shade. Good sound on your guitar.


Oh, that "brushed alive" is such a simple phrase that packs a huge wallop. Your melody wanders a bit in such a beautiful way. Much like the night stars wander the sky. I love the intimate feel of this song.


I really like this and it feels like the beginning of something or maybe an end? Strong singing and I like the slow kinda jazzy guitar. Very cool line 'maybe we're really looking down'. Thanks for playing and well done on the skirmish!


That guitar intro is captivating. I love the path travelled by the lyrics, really strong writing


Those Jazzy stylings perfectly compliment the picture and the yearning in the lyrics.


Interesting and cool going from the single note pattern to the jazz like strumming then back again. I like the vocal phrasing and very intriguing lyric.
I dig this kind of shade, throw it on me!


Love that title and guitar playing with singing are good too.