The Meal Was Cooked Before the Bell Rang

by @jeustan @nahlej381

Liner Notes

Another Google translate vocal tune but this time it's #slothcore style.

I took a clip of it reading, "The meal was cooked before the bell rang," and stretched over three minutes. There's a sine bass, transistor organ, and the lovely bitcrushed guitaring of @nahlej381 (thanks for the collab!).

34bpm with plenty of room to doze off in the middle.


The meal was cooked before the bell rang.


I love the angelic chorus that hits in the middle. I was so phased out I thought I was imagining it at first. Great slothcore


I felt like I was melting as I listened--a pleasant sort of melting. This definitely belongs on a slothcore greatest hits album. My neck is having a hard time supporting my head now; I'm really relaxed


A good ride for this afternoon. I'm ready for another nap now!


So this is basically a vocal sample?
Sounds great all stretched out.
I'm hearing some cello-like sounds in there; must be the bass.
Some great subtleties in the back there.
Nice headphone track.
Excellent work!


That was lovely!


Like a falling down a rabbit hole in slow-mo.


Just plain cool…


Lovely song! This has so much going on, I love all the textures and the ambience, and how the song takes its time. Really great collab and a amazing addition to the genre!


What a trip. That was cool!


Thanks for jammin man! This came out super cool and slothy