The Meal Was Cooked Before the Bell Rang

by @jeustan @nahlej381

Liner Notes

Another Google translate vocal tune but this time it's #slothcore style.

I took a clip of it reading, "The meal was cooked before the bell rang," and stretched over three minutes. There's a sine bass, transistor organ, and the lovely bitcrushed guitaring of @nahlej381 (thanks for the collab!).

34bpm with plenty of room to doze off in the middle.


The meal was cooked before the bell rang.


This was just the right meditative music to listen to while cleaning up my kitchen. Thank you.


I love the angelic chorus that hits in the middle. I was so phased out I thought I was imagining it at first. Great slothcore


I felt like I was melting as I listened--a pleasant sort of melting. This definitely belongs on a slothcore greatest hits album. My neck is having a hard time supporting my head now; I'm really relaxed


A good ride for this afternoon. I'm ready for another nap now!


So this is basically a vocal sample?
Sounds great all stretched out.
I'm hearing some cello-like sounds in there; must be the bass.
Some great subtleties in the back there.
Nice headphone track.
Excellent work!


That was lovely!


Like a falling down a rabbit hole in slow-mo.


Just plain cool…


Lovely song! This has so much going on, I love all the textures and the ambience, and how the song takes its time. Really great collab and a amazing addition to the genre!


What a trip. That was cool!


Thanks for jammin man! This came out super cool and slothy