Giant Popcorn

by @cola

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

UPDATE: @metalfoot has offered to put this to music!

Had this silly idea the other night while listening to the neighbors setting off fireworks for July 4th. Collaboration is welcome!

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Every year, on the fourth of July
When the sun has gone down
I can hear, ringing out through the sky
Such a thunderous sound

Sudden blasts from my neighbor's back porch
I had wondered about
But at last, though a myst'ry before
Now I've figured it out

My windows don't quite face that way
So I can't look out to see
But there's really only one thing it could be...

Giant popcorn! Really really giant popcorn!
Imagine how much butter they must need
Giant popcorn! Bigger-than-a-person popcorn!
If only they would share a bite with me

I don't see giant kernels for sale
At the grocery store
Probably, it's on too big a scale
And won't fit through the door

I don't know where they get it from
Like a secret field or shop
But there's no mistaking that breath-taking pop...

Giant popcorn! Really really giant popcorn!
That's the fluffy, crunchy snack I crave
Giant popcorn! Super duper massive popcorn!
Half their house must be a microwave

Giant popcorn! Really really giant popcorn!
Could feed a village with a single piece
Giant popcorn! Bigger-than-a-building popcorn!
I hope next year they'll share a bite with me


This is great. They lyrics were so enjoyable to read. I really like the line 'Like a secret field or shop' suggesting the clandestine nature of your neighbours' popcorn activity. Look forward to hearing the words with music.


Such lovely lyrics. I hope to hear them. I think they can be heard in different way and I'm very curious to hear the way your collaborator will take them. Please let me know when your collaboration is up, Cola.


Ha! I've heard that giant popcorn in my neighborhood too! Very cute lyric for this week. :D


I hear this as an acapella piece and somewhat goofily so. Would you mind if I tried that?