Hold My Heart In Your Hands

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

A #sunday_skirmish hosted ny @corinnecurcio with the prompt 'Heart'. The premise of a skirmish is to write a song in an hour and listen to others written at the same time to the same prompt.

My head wanted to go in a million directions so I plugged the prompt into FAWM's own Lyric cloud https://muse.fawm.org/lyricloud and these words were generated: 'ba burns captured crybaby cryin deep desire felt hard heart hold hurt light lonely meathook pumpin set skips sleeve stay survivor tear tell-tale vibrated yeah yearnin'

Looking at the words I started to make a list song looking for rhymes and it kindof wrote itself given the prompt and my sister-in-law had a triple-bypass almost 20 years ago and she is doing well today. Felt like a #ukulele song. Written and recorded an #acoustic_one_take all within the hour.

#skirmish, #songskirmish,#S073122a, #heart


Verse 1
[C(G)] A heart can be captured
[Caddb5(Gaddb5)] A heart can be crying
[F(C)] A tell-tale heart can be on a meathook
[C(G)] A heart can have desire

Verse 2
A heart can want to stay
A heart can have a yearning
A lonely heart can drift away
A heart can be burning

[Am(Em)] Hold my heart in your hands
[F(C)] Feel my heart in my chest
[Bbmaj7(Famj7)] As my heart vibrates every second
Following every [G(D)] breath

Verse 3
A heart feels deep
A heart is a survivor
A hurting heart worn on our sleeve
Till another heart brings us alive

Repeat chorus


I sang along while listening to your recitative (directed a version of The Trojan Women years back in which I had women on the chorus do this in various parts of the script - really powerful as a layered listen) - it just felt like the right thing to do, & I really enjoyed it. Love the shifting "heart" images from your list, because they evoke so many associations & visuals. I think Poe would have loved the tell-tale heart on a meathook!


Great work. Love that idea of taking a list of words and turning it into a song.....Like that climb in the chorus. Ukelele feels just right.


Those augmented chords and the alternating strumming and picking add alot of depth to the accompaniment. You've got some great lines here.


Great lyric, really all about the heart. I thought the vocal performance was just right for this, rhythmically spoken. Superb.


I like the swingy groove and vocal rhythmic-ness! I love the Fawm Muse tools - should use them more often! I like the contrast between the chords and the single-note lines. The line "a heart is a survivor" particularly stood out - a deep truth in that.


A 100% heart song. Well done on the lyrics. You turned a random jumble into something that makes all kinds of sense. Good work.


I like the different ideas about the heart and the laid back playing. The words are serious, the music is happy :) Lovely listen, Andy.


I especially like the lines in verses 2 & 3. You could polish this up - if you want to but lyric cloud helped to generate some really interesting ideas


Sweetly written and played. It says a lot with few words, like when you say "a heart is a survivor," and "a heart can be burning," it made me think of my own experiences and feelings. The simplicity really makes it deep and open. "A tell-tale heart can be on a meathook," is such a great line.


I love listening to skirmish results because the ideas are so different. You got your own style in writing lyrics. Direct at first glance, but lots of room for interpretation. Interesting one. Kudos for adding a b5 chord into a ukulele track since most people just do the open chords there. Nice twist!


I like this. Some good lines in there. Well done! Lyrics, vocals, ukelele and all.


nice one- interesting chord changes, and you make this work. love that last bit in verse three.. 'till another heart brings us alive'- nice!


What a lovely little song. I quite enjoyed this, especially the chours. Great skirmish, @andygetch 😀

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