by @standup @elesimo

Liner Notes

Quick little synth piece, based on a couple of the drum patterns @elesimo uploaded, they really triggered some ideas for me.

Pretty parts are from a new synth I picked up, a Hydrasynth Explorer. Uglier sounds are generally modular synth stuff.
#synth #electronic #instrumental




I love the contrast of the higher, more melodic synths against the darker grittier one. There's a sci-fi soundscape that really works for me.


Those @elesimo percussion samples are being used in some stellar pieces, and this is certainly one of them!
I'm liking that Theremin-sounding synth.
Great title, too!
I'm hearing a certain amount of sadness here, as if an astronaut suddenly regrets blasting off into space.


That Hydrasynth... man! So eerie and mysterious! I really love the outro that starts around 2:20, those are really nice swells!