The Blues

by @jeustan @crisp1

Liner Notes

lyrics: @crisp1
music: @jeustan
#blues #blues_rock #collab


I saw a streetlamp and took it for a harvest moon
I saw my face upside down ’cause I was looking in a spoon
There are people who like not a one of my tunes
But I love to sing the blues

I ate a big piece of cardboard ’cause I thought it was pie
I asked a woman for a good time but she wouldn’t even try
I live in the desert where it’s so damn dry
I only cry when I sing the blues

I keep my foot pressed hard on the accelerator
I’m in a hurry to find love ’cause I ain’t no hater
If you’ve ever drowned your sorrows in an ocean of booze
Then you know why I sing the blues

All my doctors have told me I cannot go on this way
My preacher says I’m doomed unless I kneel down and pray
But the liquor store owner says he’s grateful every day
That I love to sing the blues


I found this very entertaining and cleverly done - what a great collab! :)


Funky, witty, soulful--super entertaining. @richaaaay nails it--the delivery is special. Well done, boys.


Great soulful singing. It takes a special delivery to capture "I love to sing the blues" and sound sincere - you nail that. And wow the harmonies elevate so much when they come in. The bass comes through really well. Just right distortion on the guitar.

I love the dry humor in the lines... the cardboard pie, the liquor store owner's glee... great lyrics throughout!


Love this. The lyrics are witty and hilarious and the delivery is awesome. The guitar tone and the harmonies make it a joy to listen to.


Very cool, humorous blues. Wonderful song and collaboration. Very catchy and fascinating to listen to and to picture all the story so vividly.