Pretty Flowers Of Doom

by @tcelliott

Liner Notes

#slothcore #rock #flowersofdoom #pedalchallenge #lonelygear

Edit to add: For a limited time* you can hear the new and improved "pretty flowers of doom" with an all new mix!!!

*Until the songs are taken down for FAWM, probably.


Oh, the pretty flowers
All of the pretty flowers
of doom

Oh, the sweet sunset
The sweet, sweet sunset
of doom

As the maggots eat my brain
Nothing feels the same
And as my body rots
All the time I watered the flowers
have come to naught

Oh, the midnight sky
The clear midnight sky
of doom


This made me chuckle - a fine slothcore representative, a blunt trauma straight to the .... doom. I dunno, seems fitting somehow.


Saw the title, was not disappointed. This is excellent and I will think of it the next time I see a pretty flower or sweet sunset... of doom!


Great heaviness, the vocal effects go well in this, enjoyed the pace and guitar tone in this one.


Deeeeep groove - horror sounds from doom - would be great as the theme to an 80's slasher flick - even though it's about flowers, mentally it projects images of gravestones (I guess that's the flower angle) and dobermans baring teeth - held back by heavy leather leashes, protecting the dead. Would be great as an animation - lightening lighting up the scene. Doom sure is heavy! Great track!


I love that contrast between "pretty flowers/sweet sunset" with the "doom/maggots" and the heavy guitar accompaniment with the rain coming down in the background. Very nicely put together!


Oh yes, so good!
Lovely lyrics and excellent vocal delivery and treatment.
I'm liking the grungy and aggressive guitar.
Super nice title, too.
A perfect amount of percussion, if that makes sense.
I'm sensing an undercurrent of humour here, with the repetitous "...of doom" bits.
Yeah, great job!


That is some *heavy* slothcore. That churn and blunt force are excellent! It absolutely proves that "slow" and "lethargic" are not the same thing; this rocks with deliberate power!


This is done so right and I love it. Hypnotic and liberated, I dig this like I love a good storm—dark, dramatic, and oddly comforting.


lyrics and music are a perfect fit