Pale and Male

by @jeustan

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

#needs_collab #needs_music #theme_song
Yeah, I don't know. Just go for it if you want to do some music.


pale and male, frequent flyers, sandwich buyers
pale and male, dropping bombs, calling moms
pale and male, throwing balls, pissing on walls
pale and male, drinking beer it's crystal clear that
Christmas Time comes once a year

pale and male, petting dogs, eating hogs,
pale and male, motorcycle underwear,
pale and male, try our new flavored bubblegum,
pale and male, spraying lawns, clicking tongs,
the end of this song's getting near and
Christmas Time comes once a year
it's pale and male!


I like the repeat of the title in the sing lyric creating a backbone of order


Amazing lyrics! Happy to see this as a demo by @tcelliott!


Instantly got an idea for this. With your permission (yes, I see I already have it) I'll work on it now.


I like this slightly silly almost over rhyming style, always try and do a couple. Some cool lines


Whoa. Very cool. As a pale male ambassador, I can say these lyrics SLAP lol I love some nice satire, gives me ween vibes


Haha, these are great!!
I love the "pale & male" repetition.
Some genius lines here perfectly encapsulating the pale male attitude.