Every Time I Think of You

by @jeustan @crisp1

Liner Notes

lyrics: @crisp1
music: @jeustan
#collab #blues_rock


You cheated at cards
Even solitaire
You cheated on me
But you didn’t care
You found a way
To split my heart in two
But still I smile a big old smile
Every time I think of you

You pawned my guitar
Had to buy it back
If I spoke of love
You would start to pack
You swore the nights would join us
Just like glue
But still I smile a big old smile
Every time I think of you

When I woke up that grey morning
And you and your stuff were gone
I cried into my coffee
But not for very long
Deep down inside
I’d been petrified
You would rob me of belief
So I’ve taken the little you gave
And breathed a sigh of relief

The lesson I learned
Is I can’t do love
With a poisoned hand
In a poisoned glove
Somebody else may find
Your aim is true
And still I’ll smile a big old smile
Every time I think of you

Still I smile a big old smile
Every time I think of you


Wow, these lyrics are so so good. It’s a relief to hear words about lost love in a positive way and letting go, not being bitter but accepting it! Nice work, @jeustan! Beautiful delivery.


This is a really catchy tune! I like the vulnerability in the lyric but wait...no...he's okay and is able to smile a big old smile too! Totally enjoyable song! Great collab!


Really clever concept and execution, guys. Admirable originality on the lick-based motif and the big mood swing on the bridge. This is a really fine song in every way!


That guitar....o ya. great set of lyrics. love the interplay between bass and geetar. very cool tune y'all!


love the sycopation in the bass line. and the way you handle the melody vocally.


Remarkable things happen when you two team up. Lyrics have a cool, fresh take on a break up with a touch of humour or at least a little twinkle in the eye even though the subject is serious. Music has a great groove and a catchy hook. Those reversed guitars are a nice touch. Great drumming and harmonies too.


Such a cool riff/vocal motif. Will have that in my head all day I think. 'You cheated at card, even solitaire' is gloriously good! And that solo is so much fun when it hits. Great tune guys!


A lyrical treat this one.


The syncopated vocals doubled by the guitar riff puts me in mind of Steely Dan. There are some great lines here. My favorite is... robbed me of belief.


nice groove to this with the musical motif on the guitar carrying on to the vocal melody. really enjoyed that! nice shift in the third line of the stanzas