Last Train

by @deylavey

Liner Notes

This was a quick write, I’ve got a melody but I don’t have chords yet, so demo is a WIP. It’s just a vocal for now but will add instrumental with time permitting

This also fits under the #train challenge!


You got me trembling like the last train
Somebody catch me before it’s too late
And I’m too far gone
Hurry on now, don’t linger along

Hold me, like I’m the doors of the last train
Like I’m your only hope, the most important thing
Like I’m the one to get you home all right
Familiar cruise through the night

And oh, I’ll hold you like I’m the last train
Keeping you safe, out of the rain
When there’s no one to count on, you’ll always have me.
You’ll never be scared or alone, you’ll see.

But I’ll be passing like the last train
So you’d better appreciate
Catch me before im too far gone
Hurry on now, don’t linger along.


Gorgeous. I like the subtle references to trains in this super love song.


Beautiful song. Your vocals are gorgeous and very expressive. To be honest, your song works already as a gorgeous acapella but if you do decide to add the instrumental please let me know. I'm very interested of any changes although it works beautifully.


Wonderful concept and you develop it so well with this train metaphor! Unique and clever take on the train theme! Well done!


I really like this idea of personifying the train, offering comfort, commitment, reliability, and hope. Excellent lyric.


I like this idea! Especially as a former regular last-train-catcher myself, the thought that the last train is this really important thing that is all that's keeping you safe tonight is a great analogy. I look forward to hearing how it turns out.