Lou Reed and Mr. Rogers Take A Walk On the Happy Feeling Side of Their Neighborhood

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

On my first song this 5090 several people commented that the song sounded like #Lou_Reed_meets_Mr._Rogers. Wish I would have thought of that, I was doing my strumming guitar and trying to enunciate better so my first song would be listenable. However, that was my inspiration for this #response challenge song. I sprinkled in some song references from Lou's catalog (an influence as some of you have noticed), and for research to incorporate some Mr. Rogers I watched a Mr. Rogers episode including Fred playing a bit of piano writing a song for a visitor. Plus enunciating 😂 .


Verse 1
(Lou hard rock Mr. Rogers neighborhood references) [A] [D] [C] chord progression
Hey Fred
It's a wonderful day in our neighborhood
Love and help people it'll do ya a whole lotta good
Let's take a walk cause there's lots of kindness to meet
It's a wonderful day in our neighborhood
Welcome to our street

(Fred add tinkling piano slower melody over the same rhythm and progression Lou Reed song references)
Well hello Lou welcome to this neighborhood
Let's go see Sally with her pale blue eyes
and look there's Holly in her perfect disguise
So much that you, me, and all of us can do
All of us in this neighborhood with you

[F#4] Walk on the [E4] happy feeling [D] side (duo 4x?)

Second verse
And Lou
Let's go visit our very good friend Caroline
Wave hello to Harry, Mark, and John on their satellite
While we're taking a walk waiting for your man
Remember no one else can do what only we can do
All of us in this neighborhood happy feelings with you

Hey Fred
It's a happy feeling
A good feeling
To walk down the street today
Its a happy feeling
A good feeling
Hey Fred
It such a good feeling
Such a happy feeling

Repeat chorus

Outro cause I love you (repeat and fade)


Definitely Lou Reed-ish, Andy. Interesting capture and mix here with that of Lou, Mr. Rogers, and his neighborhood. Interestingly quirky are these lyrics.


So great to see that this song was born out of a comment from @billwhite51 on your first song! Great concept here, it's weirdly calming.


Totally unfamiliar with Fred Rogers, it was Richard Rogers in my mind when I plugged in. (Lou Reeid, yes). Even so, I get the feel of this and the lyrics are good too! (Note to self do NOT press submit till the fadeout ends!!!!0


This is a super fun concept for a song. Great use of your story telling style.


Really great Mr. Rogers voice; you perfectly capture that confusing mix of earnest, almost aggressive, kindness, and the slight creepiness I always got from him.
I'm loving the idea that Lou and Fred could write a song together and then hang out on the corner waiting for Lou's "man".
This track is a great one.
Deeply weird, which is just the way I like it!


i think fred takes the win on this onje..but my favorite part is the duet.


"comfortable and trippy" describes my reaction as well - a strange and wonderful musical story


Lou & Fred forever. The hero of my pre-adolescence meets the hero of my late teenage years, and it's fine. Fred is cool and Lou is good. Wow.


Ha, this is hilarious- love the way you incorporated so many Lou songs in there. That would have been quite a meeting, Lou and Fred! what a great idea and i love that you ran with it. By the way, always been meaning to ask you, you put chords down in with the lyrics (good way to remember it later, sometimes I forget my own songs!) but what exactly is an E4 or an F#4? --I've seen alot of interestingly notated jazz chords over the years, but never a '4' chord...(maybe its written more traditionally a 'sus' chord perhaps, or written sus4?)


This is so comfortable and trippy all at the same time. I think both Lou and Fred would approve.