The Power Of Song

by @marthie @billwhite51

Liner Notes

now let's hope I add the Write Bill White to the song...
I wrote this as an instrumental but this is the kind of feeling and effect I thought would work with Bill's lyrics. Perfect mixing ain't gonna happen today or any day soon...
#EDM #NewAge #Mystic


The Power of Song - Bill White

when the mud of all men
is made flesh again
sounds absurd
but there is a balance
holding the first and the last
to task

all i have of persuasion
is the gift of song
while these mendacious Houdines
overwhelm my melodies
with the power to do wrong

they redefine the words
to manipulate the herds

by the time i learned how to write
the world had forgotten how to read
and when i came down with a melody
they had forgotten how to sing

but i still have the power of song
to resurrect a world gone wrong


Very creative way of bringing Bills very telling lyrics to live. Creative, wicked and awesome


Marthie, a splendid if disturbing combination. Not possible to tell that the instrumental was written first because the fit with the lyrics is so right and seamless.

Bill, from a late starter like myself, this just rings so true: "by the time i learned .../... forgotten how to sing "


Well this came as a surprise and a welcome are certainly exploring different territory sound wise here and it I hear Bill's daughter in this? His lyrics are always so interesting and so is your treatment on this one...more of!


I thought I hit something and was listening to someone else's song. I love what you have done here. The vocal treatment and music are so befitting the lyrics. This is so cool. Love it!


Marthie..." and now for something completely different". I love it. Innovative.. I say more. The mix sounded good to me.


Jeez, this is SO DIFFERENT coming from you, Marthie--really good job! Very nice lyrics, as always, Bill. They certainly have inspired something from Marthie. Have you done stuff like this before, Marthie? This is all so absolutely new to me...


@marthie you always surprise me with your inventive imagination. i love what you did with this lyric. you took it way out into another sphere.


Wow. This feels like an important science fiction novel grounded in a Greek myth. I love the mix of voices and atmospheres to bring the urgency of the lyrics to life.