Ghost With the Most

by @marthie @cindyrella

Liner Notes

Cindy wrote this and I put it on ice for 50/90. I just love the ghosts who come alive in our songs :-D
#Ghost #Folk


Ghost With the Most
© 2022 Cindy Prince

I need a maid
Sharp as a blade
I need so much help you know

I need a cook
That can read a book
But I don't know where to go

Then I saw the ad...

Offering my services
I'm a ghost with the most
Hire me without any worries
And though I know I boast
I swear I'm a ghost with the most...with the most

I need a driver
An unearthly survivor
I can't begin to get things done

I need a whiz
Cause it is what it is
And just maybe a ghost will be fun

Repeat chorus


Beautiful piano and vocals. I love your melodies and phrasing. I also like how you treated the little pre chorus a little differently each time melodically. My favorite part is the ending where you riffed a little on ghost with the most and then ended with BOO! Loved it! This song is beautiful and fun - such creative lyrics that you took to the next level. I also got a kick out of the fitted sheet folding - so true - it is so hard.


This is such a fabulous collabulous! Brought a broad smile to my exquisitely written and done...loved it!


What an idea! And all the fun rhymes in this that sing so well. I enjoyed the lighthearted melody and vocals as well as the expressive piano. A fun song!


Ha! I nice little flashback to last summer with one of the Cindy/Marthie "ghost collaborations". Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane--reminded me of how much I enjoyed your collaborations last summer, and how much I just enjoy them in general!


This feels like a mash up of Mary Poppins, Free to Be You and Me, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Maybe I need a ghost too.


What fun this is! You know we both we love our ghosts! Boo! Love it!


"Everybody needs a maid"..sorry couldn't resist. But this is a delight. The notion of the ghost advertising as house-help is just wonderful, and Marthie's setting and presentation is light-hearted without denigrating the hopeful ghost! Our ghost hasn't been around for a long time, gone back to bed finally satisfied that we're proper folks who seriously look after after the place I guess, but she never offered actual services, sigh.