Having All This Music To Listen To Is A Dream Come True

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Another song inspired by @unknownbecky #twitch stream. During Sunday's stream on another prompt about high school, some of the listeners shared stories of taping songs from the radio and she had suggested there may be a song there, and I was already making a list for that idea when todays prompt was to write a song about a spicy 101 year old Italian woman. I took todays prompt and incorporated it into the taping song I had already started based on the suggestion and the perspective shifts over time. There are a couple of references to her song https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/1869. It is a tricky melody for me (muffed it in a few places) to sing pushing both ends of my range. Playing on #acoustic_guitar I'm not sure it all aligns or if the bridge works. However, after a few tries I feel like I got the gist of the idea down and hit the record button.


Verse 1
[D6] I remember [G] high school days [A7] Taping the local station album show
[D6] On my little [G] boom box with a [A7] built-in casette recorder
[B7] Can't say I did [A7] much scotch taping over the [G] removed tab
[D6] Taped over a lot of [G] my stuff though
[A7] Sometimes by accident

Chorus 1
[A] Someday I'll have 100 albums
[G] Reading all the song lyrics memorize 'em
[D] Without it [G] I don't know [A7] what I would do
[D] Having all this music to [G] listen to is a [D] dream come true

Verse 2
[D6] Then there were those [G] college days [A7] Sunday night live concert FM radio
[D6] I'd have my blank [G] tape [A7] rewound and ready to go
[B7] Cassette deck captures taping FM radio [A7] pausing during the commercials [G] If I liked I think I'd keep it
[D6] For years I relistened [G] and cherished
[A7] By some miracle most of them lasted

Chorus 2
[A] Numbered list of my 500 albums is enough
[G] to make my own random shuffle
[D] Without it [G] I don't know [A7] what I would do
[D] Having all this music to [G] listen to is a [D] dream come true

Bridge [E7/D] [B4/A] vamp then [D] [A]
Then Beta and VHS taping
TV fundraisers, cable music channels
Satellite taping to the receiver
Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell, The Kinks, Red Rider,
Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, Pete Townshend, Soul Asylum,
U2, R.E.M., The Fixx, Live Aid, The Alarm, Tears for Fears,
David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Nightranger, Neil Young

Verse 3
[D6] Some of them were [G] saved by [A7] people on the internet
[D6] Import bootlegs on [G] Cd's [A7] archived on websites or youtube
[B7] Or transcribed to [A7] play on guitar [G] but I still have a few noone has yet
[D6] I smile when I [G] hear them stream [A7] on my smart TV computer or on a USB mix tape rolling down the road driving Louie

Chorus 3
[A] Now I've got access to more music than I could listen til September 2061
Spicy and 101 [G] I want to remember when those old songs were new
[D] Without music [G] I don't know [A7] what I would do
[D] Having all this music to [G] listen to is a [D] dream come true


I've said it a million times, and I'll say it a million more. I really enjoy your story telling in music. It creates something super unique with your sound that makes all of these songs very much "yours".


I can relate to this a lot! I don't like streaming songs, I want to own them and type them into a big list. Some things never change. Hopefully. I think the bridge adds an interesting contrast.


Ha, I can totally relate to this entire song-- I also taped albums off the radio, taped concerts off the radio back in the day, even did the 'trade copies of tapes of live shows' thing way back when, when you had to make a cassette copy in real time (ie listen to the show again). This is an effective song giving me all those memories back (the 'list' in your bridge is a little different then mine, but there's some overlap for sure) . as to what we'll all be listening to at the age of 101, i just hope I'm here and in one piece! :)
nice work!