by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

I love a #train song, so I was happy to see the train songs challenge. Here's one that I wrote at least partly while on a train myself. The Who wrote about the 5:15. Mine leaves a bit later so that people have time to go to the pub first. I think they have a more pleasant journey too...

On 8 string baritone #ukulele plus some other things. #fuc


It's five o'clock on a Friday
And they're ready for the weekend
Workers stream out of the office
For a swift half pint with a friend
Finish their drink, head down the steps
Get a ticket, it's ready to go
The train now standing at platform three
Is the 6:25 bound for home

So climb aboard
It's ready to go
The train departing from platform three
Is the 6:25 bound for home

Everyone is set to relax as they
Board for their evening commute
Except for the chap with the briefcase and the
Perfectly tailored suit
You've got to see how important he feels
as he closes a deal on the phone
But we enter a tunnel and he loses reception
On the 6:25 bound for home

Some people browsing through Facebook,
Asking their mates if they're free
Others are texting their partners,
Wondering what is for tea
As they stop at a signal and they all check their watches
Desperate to move on again
They all long for their dinner while they wait to move on
On the 6:25 evening train

Take your bags and check your belongings
When you get to the end of the line
If you're in luck then the 6:25
Will have carried you home on time

So climb aboard
It's ready to go
The train departing from platform three
Is the 6:25 bound for home


I like your title a lot, and I enjoyed your end-of-the-workweek story. Your music fit your lyric well.

great end of the working week rolling along easy song. i liked the comeuppance of the bloke on the phone, i could imagine the whole carriage smirking. lovely traveling vibe and everyday observation

Love the perfect suit losing connection in the tunnel! Hafta say, they're having more than ONE drink with a 5pm finish but a 6:25 train! Oddly, it was the 5:25 out of adelaide but if you were swift you could catch the 5:20, a country express with first stop=home station! There's a good-time feel to this, the sort of feel as a kid heading to the overnight express off to see distant grandparents at Christmas..

I'm actually listening to this at 5 o'clock on a Friday!
I, too, love a train song - and a happy hour song, and an end-of-the-work-week song, and you combine them so well. The song chugs along like a train with the strumming and percussion. Swell harmonica solo - that, and a cool chord change you toss in, give the song a bit of melancholy. Wonderful!

I love the lightweight feel of this. Paired with the descriptive lyrics, I really feel the weight of the workday being lifted off of me :)
The line about the tailored suit guy losing reception was fun, I laughed. Love the harmonica solo. Really fun song that I feel highlights the little things in life

That Uke sounds so bright and lively.
The Bass and Egg(?) Shakers add some nice support.
The tempo has a train like drive to it.
Harmonica sounds sweet!
Enjoyed the listen.

That uke sounds great and the rhythm is captivating. (You consistently make very good sounding recordings.)