Song From Off That Shelf

by @sammiall

Liner Notes

I had so much ridiculous fun doing this challenge! Started it a few days ago, then I woke up Sunday morning and it lost its little mind & pretty much wrote itself. With so many good details to somehow put in, I ended up wanting to somehow include every piece (even the thoughts about the CD’s origin) in some respect…came pretty darned close! The recording is rough (not at all my strong suit – working on learning more about the craft of recording & editing) – but provides the gist of it. Very much welcoming constructive criticism! #shelfie
(Details of the item provided can be found in the Something from the Shelf Challenge from @complexissimple ) @sammiall


Song From Off That Shelf
~ Sammi ~

Friday night at the Salty Walt in the corner booth alone
Good old Moke from Ambletown sipping coffee and Pa–trón
His song is mighty quiet now, since Rio’s gone a–way
Shufflin’ that worn deck and hopin’ someone else might play

Corky’s on his own tonight, and that don’t happen much
His buddy Tom since Viet Nam – a pair you cannot touch
But Tom’s gone on to Hilo looking for them Johnson Girls
Might bring one back if he can find the one to rock his world

And they’re all in the Log of the Albatross
Re–corded shinin’ there in every line
That Bold and Jolly Robber sailing on the Wings of Goney
And all of us still workin’ over–time

Ol’ Larry Marr’s a– rocking by that warm Marengo fire, tellin’
Tales of South Aus–tralia and his bar
How Henry Martin scuttled it when Cape Cod girls a–greed
And he’s still wondrin’ now just where they are

Bully’s in the alley on har–monica a–gain
Soundin’ like that concert – Abney Park out in the rain
The Rambler’s engine rattlin’ as we rode on outta town
A hundred verses later we had blown the old man down

The Ratlines still are playin’ after Walt went on his way
They think complex is simple – but who am I to say?
At Maker’s Faire each man he crafts an image of him–self
To write his final chapter in that song from off the shelf.

Chorus (And we’re all…)

Friday night at the Salty Walt in the corner booth alone
Good old Moke from Ambletown sipping coffee and Pa–trón

All rights reserved ©Sammi Allinder


@berni1954 Thank you so much for the positive comment - given the wonderful list of potential characters provided by the playlist on this CD, I felt like the song really "wrote itself" this time, but I am appreciating the commentary a lot. And as a theatre-type, very much loving the Williams comparison. If this format would give me a "love", I'd be sending it along!


As an ex-member of a shanty group (The Keelers) I really appreciated how you took inspiration from the song titles to give us this cast of characters worthy of a Tennessee Williams play or a Mid-70s Bob Dylan song.


This is fantastic! I had to go look up the specific challenge to get the details, as I recognized many of the songs in here. Very fun and well crafted. You created a very vivid story of colorful characters.

Aside: I'm curious if this is the same "Henry Martin" that was recorded by Figgy Duff some mumble-mumble years ago. It's one of my favorite tunes.


wow, this really hangs together well- very interesting how it was all put together- you made it a whole universe there, sounds great ! The music and recording does a good job of fleshing out the lyric, too- great job all around!


@coolparadiso Many Thanks!! And the funny thing about the Patrón is - it landed in the song because as I was working on it, a Patrón ad popped up on my screen in front of the song doc, & I thought "Okay - everybody wants to be part of the show! We'll just make that happen then!!"


@andygetch I am trying to work out other possible ways to save & share files...this is a brave new world for me. (I've shared music all my life live & in-person - not so skilled in the ways of technology!) Hopefully I'll get better with time when it comes to that...
And I was given a fabulous prompt item with so many potential details in it, I wanted to use them all! I've been accused of "overwordiness" more than once in my life...or even possibly, this week!


@nancycunning I love it that you rolled two of my favorite music men into one comment - & I will take that as the highest of compliments! Very happy to be here, & I am so much appreciating how welcoming people are!


This is so fun. It's like Stan Rogers's version of Billy Joel's Piano Man. I love the jampacked story and the rollicking rhythm of your rhymes. Welcome to 5090 - look forward to skirmishing with you.


nice notes out the uke and really good storytelling! plus mentions of Aus and Patron cant go wrong


Commenting on lyrics only as it the song is not playing for me. Solid rhythm, feels very singable, and wow lots of characters and descriptive items. Can imagine this being a sea shantie as well!

Tech note: I had trouble getting this to play on Google docs so I downloaded. Still would not play and the file size seems small relative to the format.


Prompt I was given to inspire this, from @complexissimple 's Something from the Shelf Challenge:
Salty Walt and the Rattlin' Ratlines (I was surprised there were no S-A-Ms). This is a CD of sea shanties, and I seem to recall that they were pretty traditional. The album is called Log of the Albatross. I can't remember for sure where I got it - it could have been a Renaissance Faire, or Dickens Faire, or that one joint concert with Abney Park that we went to spontaneously after Maker Faire (or that could have been the Seadogs).

Track listing:
1 Away Rio
2 Larry Marr
3 Jolly Bold Robber
4 Tom's Gone to Hilo
5 Johnson Girls
6 Wings of a Goney
7 Fire Marengo
8 Old Moke
9 Ambletown
10 Cape Cod Girls
11 South Australia
12 Bully in the Alley
13 Henry Martin
14 Blow the Man Down