In Love In Summer

by @carleybaer

Liner Notes

Hot diggity, my first #fuc offering! This came from noodling around on my #baritone_ukulele and it sounded to me like wistful remembrances of summer love. A #train beat, lots of #reverb and some romantic #strings sealed the deal.


Sitting here staring at the ticket I bought
I’m the only lonely passenger on this train of thought
Looking out the window at the summer’s emerald green
Remembering the days when I could call myself your queen
I loved you like a wildfire
There was nothing I could give except my all
We fell in love in summer
But it was only a matter of time
Before the fall

The trees were budding brightly with potential energy
The skies alive and celebrating tales of you and me
The water offered diamonds from the sun’s impassioned gaze
Your hand never left mine as the nights turned to days
I’d always been a runner
But for you I would crawl
We fell in love in summer
But it was only a matter of time
Before the fall

The days grew thin and the air turned cool
The brighter the fire, the faster it burns through the fuel
The smoke hung in the air as the cinders lost their glow
I got out of town before the coming snow

I still happen past that place every now and then
I wonder what would happen if you found me there again
Would it be a desperate plea, heartbroken to the last?
Or would we pick up breathlessly like no time at all had past?
I don’t know how I’d answer now
So please just hold the call
We fell in love in summer
But I still think about the fall


I never expected a love song in the train challenge, but this is fabulous.
Some of the best lyrics I have heard this 50/90 and your voice just envelops me with emotion. The "ahhs" and harmonies are perfect and that hook line "I still think about the fall" is just perfect .
This is very fine indeed.


The rhythm of the train moving past markers on the rail, excellent. Cool , smooth voice makes the journey feel lonesome, yet hopeful. REally liked the listen.


I really love the concept of a journey on a train of thought and how beautifully and poetically you take us on that journey of memories of love with you. Wonderful lyrics. And the rhythm of your music is absolutely perfect as it moves the metaphor forward. As always your vocals and harmonies are gorgeous! Brilliant!


love that train sound coming in. really love the harmonies in the uke and strings. beautiful vocal i just love the woo woo shape to the music, comes in on the vocals too. oooooh those are some lush changes/harmonies. really well done on the train vibe, daydreaming out the window stuff. love it


The rhythmic forward push is definitely train-like. The lush strings are a very nice combination with the uke. And your smooth and gorgeous voice, very nice! Backing vox too, love 'em.


I love the line "the water offered diamonds from the sun's impassioned gaze"- beautiful. Train beat is awesome and lovely vocals.


Definitely a train song. I get the image of the metaphorical scenery going past the carriage window as you get out of town. "I don't know how I'd answer now" summarises life in general, and yes, hold the call. Sometimes it needs to be held for decades, because we can't help still thinking about the fall. Good stuff!


The lyrics are so good. You make the most of the long lines - every syllable matters and falls just right, and then the sparser chorus lines pack all kinds of emotion. And the driving baritone_ukelele and the way you sing bring it all home.


Very nice reflective lyrics. Good use of metaphors. Great playing and singing. I really liked the last verse.


I remember your beautiful bari uke when you came to a FAWMover! A wisttful and melodic look back!