I had dreams

by @standup

Liner Notes

This one was different. I just got a new synth, used, a "Hydrasynth" that can do weird, evolving sounds. No guitars here, which is weird. For me.

I've had the synth for a couple days, so I can't really program new sounds yet. I used presets! There are some cool ones.

There's also a software synth in this mix, "Alchemy" that's a part of Logic, my DAW.

Anyway, lyrics were rather quick. I sat down this morning to do some quick writing, and the first thing that came out was "I had dreams I can't remember", so.... There's a song title.

#electronic #synth
#weird #but-not-fuzzy-weird


do dreams die slow and laggard
fading into dust
or do they pop like a firecracker
far away in the dusk

I have dreams I don't remember
it seems so long ago
I was a pretender
ready to cast a stone

what did I want?
I didn't even know
a beautiful girl
a life out on the road


I like this take on the sloth core genre. It is inventive and also melodic, hard things to do at slow pace such as the bmp of sloth core. This is inspiring me to start my own project again for our chilled out overlords this year!


Ohhh, I LOVE the low, airy, soft pads under the dusty and simple drums - with your vocals on top. That sound...its so right up my listening alley.
This is so atmospheric. Perfect feel for these lyrics. I like short lyrics with mystery...emotion...short and to the evasive point.
I can get lost in the swelling and swirly and banging and fading music here.
This reminds me of when I first got into alt/indie stuff and would find these tracks that I just let myself get absorbed in - losing track of my surroundings.
I also like the way the vocals are dry center and their volume in the mix, too. I dunno, it just makes me feel a certain way. With all the other sounds circling the vocals and with everything so moody; it just sounds great to me.
This was a great listen.


this is pretty cool. the synth sounds pretty cool! sounds like it's trying to speak but it's still learning the sounds of the letters, and can't quite communicate. I ordered a drum machine last week, then they tried to deliver it and I had to re-schedule the delivery. Then I had a dream that the driver was here and left it outside his truck while he was re-parking it. Then, yesterday the driver delivered something else but not my drum machine. I wanted to tell him about the dream.


Oh wow, that synth! And that chorus is so ethereal and misty (I don't want to use the word "dreamy" because it's literally in the chorus and title). A real nice foray into #slothcore here! 😉


Well I definitely take that as a compliment.
I'm loving that low growling, like there's an angry bear standing behind you as you're singing.
Great work on the choruses; I like how the percussion steps in there, and the vocals are aces.
Really nice panning in the headphones.
Lovely synth Ambience here for sure.
Yeah, nice one!


these are some scary sounds. sounds like the singer is being whisked away to an unpleasant place. lyrics also seem to have emerged from a dreamscape.


Dude - the Hydrasynth is a monster! You are going to have tons of fun with it. That low-speed growling hiding in the back behind those lush string pads really gives this an unsettling, ominous quality; everything's fine at first glance, but the protagonist knows otherwise... This is a darkly atmospheric feast for the ears.

I love how the tags you used imply that there is now a continuum of musical weirdness, and @fuzzy is at one end of it. That sounds aboout right.


Very cool synth sounds. You vocals sound disconnected in the mix in a very interesting way in the verses. I really like your chorus and your vocal harmonies. Sounds like you are having fun with your new synth!