by @kyrla

Liner Notes

Track 9 of 16 on Modern Technic

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#electronic #cyberpunk #political


PART 1: 青衣 / "Tsing Yi"


PART 2: "Alive"

Come alive, come alive, come alive,
There's a myriad of petty little things you gotta do to stay alive.
Nine to five, nine to five, nine to five,
Every other waking hour making labour just in order to survive.
Take a right, take a right, take a right,
Every day the world is turning, always churning, always getting into fights.
What a sight, what a sight, what a sight,
As the rats they come a-racing down the tunnel at the end I see a light.

Oh, it’s an oncoming train,
You thought you had a chance to survive there,
In for a world of pain,
You can’t even make a complaint, or escalate,
It’s just your fate, see it’s too late, we’ll set you straight,
You’re in no state, to bring the hate up to the table,
Take every day as it goes,
Ask no questions, get no lies, don’t even try.

Gonna die, gonna die, gonna die,
As the Earth is slowly choking they’re polluting all the oceans and the skies.
Big surprise, big surprise, big surprise,
They’ll be dead before they see the full effects of what we told them was unwise.
Tell a lie, tell a lie, tell a lie,
Tell us anything to keep us in our beds and stop the ultraviolet light.
It’s the time, it’s the time, it’s the time,
Should have started long ago but failing that we’ll meet today and set it right.

Oh, it’s the gathering storm,
You thought you had a chance to escape there,
Oh, you can have your reform,
I say good luck, you’ll get nowhere, a vacant stare,
Are you aware, it won’t be fair, see they’ve prepared,
Billionaires, see they will tear you to shreds there,
Take all the fires to them,
Asking nicely, look how little they will care.

The statistics will tell you you’re still alive,
But there’s only so much that can ever mean.
After all, this is the Year of our Lord twenty--
I’ve lost count. They move all the same to me.

Slowly suffocating; they’ve closed the Window.
I’ll die from poison A, or I’ll die from poison B.
Behind the wall they built with hearts and souls of stone,
Our job will not be finished till they end up just as cold.

PART 3: "Fire"

The world’s on fire.

Who lit the match, set it burning?
Who added fuel, kept it turning?
The world’s on fire.
Who brought the kindling to the flame,
But then refuses to take the blame?
The world’s on fire.

Who cooks their hot dogs on the ashes of our souls?
And stands united when resistance starts to grow?
We’re told there’s good ones, and then they stick up for the bad.
Then tell the papers how our mean words made them sad!
The world’s on fire.

The world’s on fire.
So: take the fire back to them.
They’ll be burning ‘till the end.
Tear their castles down to stone.
Want to stop the violence? Start with your own.
Say non-lethal, that’s a lie,
They put a bullet between her eyes.
See the whistle, see the bells.
See we’re living in living hell.


wow, this is impressive and striking! Those instrumental sections are a great intro, and I love the fast delivery of that first section- ramps up that urgency and its appropriate to the subject matter. Great lyric with so many great lines... (mixing thought, brighten up the vocal in that section and it'll be easier to understand those fast lines that are a little easy to get lost, maybe). Third section 'fire' is a great contrast. Sets up an interesting debate lyrically, ....I'm thinking of that line in Beatles/Lennon's ' "Revolution" "but when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out" (which on that other version he modifies by singing 'out/in', so even he was conflicted).. so yeah, its a tough one, tho I'd still opt for 'out' I guess... great song, important topic! congrats


I really enjoyed how all three parts blend one into the next. You have some very strong lyrics here. Hard to pick a favorite, but "They’ll be dead before they see the full effects of what we told them was unwise" and "Who cooks their hot dogs on the ashes of our souls" stood out.