The Ever-Hungry Eye

by @sapient

Liner Notes

#metal #deathmetal #instrumental

I fancied giving the new bass a bit of a workout with its new friend, my Ibanez RDG Prestige 7-string.
I think they got on well with each other 😀
Normally this kind of thing would have vocals, but it's too hot and I'm too sleepy, so it's maybe something to come back and revisit...


brutality at its finest ❤️
horns up 🤘


Niiiiice! Love the guitar! Great songwriting. It's not just chugs and shredding. It actually works as a narrative! Really good work here. 😀

What amp are you using?


These new friends get along very well gear woohoo.


I'm torn. As much as I like your lyrics (and especially your delivery of them), I think this is an epic bit of storytelling in its own right, complete with highs, lows and denouement. This was a journey. I'm a particular fan of contrast between the frenetic, fruity trills and the constant guttural chug of the metal engine.


This is dope 😎🤘🏻 Oh that (mixo)lydian riff and solo are sooo cool over these heavy riffs. Makes me wanna scream and shout. I wanna hear you growl!


I just marvel at how well you can play. So steady at a breakneck speed. I'm always impressed. But that halftime bit, is monster cool.