I Was Thinking About Charlotte

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Writing along tonight with @unknownbecky #twitch stream https://www.twitch.tv/thisisbeckyw titled 'People On the Internet' to the prompt 'I Was Thinking About Charlotte' randomly picked from a book with stories from the war in Iraq (will edit the title in when I rewatch) off her bookshelf which became the title of my song. I started thinking of where I could go and I remembered driving through and connecting flights in Charlotte, however, I never stopped or spent time there other than waiting in an airport. As I was writing the verses I realized that my wife had been wife me on those trips and remembered that I had yet to write a song to the #letsgetdeep prompt assigned by @writeandwrong 'DEEP: If you were to brag about your partner to your friends, what would you say?'. I don't know if this counts toward that challenge, however, I'm not one to brag about anything and the challenge did give me a nudge as well as the excellent writing session. Oh and BTW, the guitar is in Nashville tuning with strings 3-6 being lighter and tuned an octave higher, like the higher sounding strings on a 12-string guitar.


Verse 1
[A] I-77 on the way to cooler places
Late part of [D] the day
[A] Looking for friendly smiling faces
And someplace [E] to stay

[A] Need to charge up our electric car Henry
He's down to 15 [D] percent
[A] Hotels on Arco Corporate, Leitner, or Ayrsley
Tired of driving need to get [E] some rest

[F#m] I was thinking about Charlotte
[E] And how we usually just pass [Em] through
[G] Because whenever I'm in Charlotte
I'm always there with [A] you
[D] Sitting by my side smiling
[E] A gentle touch of your hand
[D] In every place we've been traveling
[E] The best companion I ever [A] had

Verse 2
[A] Flight north to Des Moines Iowa
Stopover at Charlotte Douglas [D] Airport
[A] Free writing about who I am and who I was
Two hours till our connection [E] boards

[A] Just maybe this will be a song
Documenting our [D] journey
[A] From where we've been to where we're going
I'm so glad you're taking it [E] with me
Together for a third of a [A] century

Repeat chorus

[F#m] Charlotte
I was thinking about [G#m] Charlotte [A] (repeat twice)

Repeat chorus
[E] You're the best companion I ever [A] had


It's a gentle and kindly/loving and intimate song for the companion, with Charlotte the trigger excuse. Nicely done. (Thanks for the explanation on the guitar, otherwise I would've demonstrated my erratic musicality by asking what instrument you were playing!)


What a charming song! I definitely think it counts for both challenges. I love the major to minor change in the chorus and the disorienting oddness of the chords in the bridge. Best traveling companion is high praise, I think! I hope you keep working on this one.


An interesting, telling take on @unknownbecky's #Twitch ep "Charlotte" #song theme, @andygetch. Quite an intelligent weaving here, too, of a relationship into the #story of this #song's #lyrics. Everything painted quite a full picture of the area's meaning to that of its importance to these characters--all the while pulling me in to learn what happened to them, why, and how.


I like how your lyrics and vocal delivery are often "conversational".
And you always have an interesting story to tell.
As I've said before, I like how you include the chords so I can play along.
What a great and gentle love song for sure.


Great idea. Like the performance very much also how Close you feel as a storyteller. Very well told story


Yes, this sounds like the best travel companion you could have. I like that Charlotte could very a woman and a town. But it's clear from the context that you mean the location.


this was touching, especially when reaching the line about 1/3 of your lives. i lived in charlotte for awhile with a woman with whom i spent 1,7th of my life.