The Glance

by @beacon

Liner Notes

I wasn't sure if I was going to do this #skirmish, but I saw it (and I'm alone at home trying to stay cool in this heatwave), and I got inspired to do a spoken word piece. The prompt was "If Looks Could Kill" and I thought about the first time I got a look from a boy I found attractive, and knew in myself that I was gay, and also knew that I couldn't act upon it or I would be attacked. I couldn't show it or give any clue that I had that interest.

I've also been working on using loops and stuff, so I figured that was good practice to try to put something together here.

#songskirmish #S072422 #fLooksCouldKill #queer #lqbtq


You did not know
How hard the mere glance from you at lunch
Affected my life

I staggered to stay upright and tried to catch my breath
Your eyes, that smile, the cute nose
Set off something in me that I didn't know was there
But knew was off limits

The way you picked up your backpack
The way you moved through the crowd
Stopped my heart from beating and air from entering my lungs

You held the desire of all the the girls
And the awe of all the boys
Although those two mixed and swirled in me to create an explosion that could not be allowed to surface

I must keep control of this because if anyone finds out
I will die


This is beautiful in every sense, those strings are so lovely and the spoken word tells a heartbreaking story that so many of us are familiar with. Really compelling take on the skirmish.


Melodic beginning and then alarm bells went off. A very emotional piece. Wow!


What great use of sounds with the spoken word! And a compelling real-life story too. Really good one here.


A powerful interpretation of the skirmish. The tension you've created in the arrangement with the the strings and cello mixed with your spoken narrative is very powerful. I really like that motif.


Sounds like a mini radioplay and I enjoyed my listen. Thanks for raising awareness of this topic. There is a lot of emotion and thrill here!


well played Ken, you really are getting used to the tools a great choice of topic, very powerful! very clean clear compelling speak!


A powerful piece! I really like the spoken word in this context. Love that repetitive cello or bass note, very effective. Nice use of loops.


Good work with the loops. It hangs together. The spoken word works well with the backing track and your story. Fine job on this skirmish.


This is incredibly powerful and poignant and really works on every level. Great choice to do this as a spoken word thing and that orchestral backup ramps up the emotion even more. A wonderful take on the real-life consequences of some of this hateful anti-gay right wing moralizing that's been going on. If you ever thought about doing an 'autobiography album' this could be one of the earlier tracks, too, and hoping for a happier sequel song sometime! Great work!!!


The dilemmas growing up poses such terrible pressures on youth. Very good take on the prompt. Well done.


Wow, Ken, those sounds from you! 😳 Guess I need to reorient my mimicry preparation there. 😃 Cool one!


Ooh, love those dramatic strings. The spoken-word delivery works really well here to give the scene that tension. Nice work!


Love that cello on the beat - your whole instrumental track is perfect under your lyrics. I felt the dilemma, the thrill, the fear, the reality that set in. The ending is perfect - sad and unfortunate that this was the reality at the time. Thank you for sharing.


Emotional, incredible, outstanding! Love your take!


Really strong lyrics. Very touching. Works well as a spoken piece, and the music suits the words quite well.


Aww the lyrics are poignant and speak to the off limit desires that LGBTQ youth feel and how you must (or we used to) have to keep those feelings totally to ourselves - often dating people of the opposite sex to fit in to the expectations people had for us or left feeling so isolated and alone. At least that is what I take away from this lyric… I think spoken word makes it feel raw, honest, vulnerable, and important.


Oof - I'm not able to listen right now but reading the lyrics, that's pretty powerful so I look forward to hearing how it comes across.


Oh, wow... amazing production here, the tension, the ending, the simplicity of the arrangement. And the lyrics with the spoken word are so powerful and strong. Wow, just wow!

(BTW, on the liner notes you have "also knew that I could act upon it", but that should be "couldn't", right?)