Death Stare

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

For #S072422 #IfLooksCouldKill
I wasn't going to do this skirmish because I don't have an instrument or recording gear handy at the moment, but then I thought of the phrase "That's no moan, that's a Death Stare" and, ridiculous as it was, I thought I could take the opportunity to moan about some things. Perhaps it will be therapeutic...

EDIT: I've added music now. It involves a distorted baritone #ukulele and some laser sound effects.


On the early morning train,
Wish you were in bed
Sit in the quiet coach,
Try to rest your head

The rattle of the rails is
The only sound that's heard
Maybe you'll have woken up
When you get to work

Then someone's phone rings and with a booming voice,
"HELLO I'M ON THE TRAIN" and leave you with no choice,
Death stare!

Trouble at the office,
Try to stay on top
Dashing round the building
'Till you're fit to drop

No time to waste as you're
Striding through the hall
But you see a group behind you,
When you come to the door

And you hold the door open as polite people do,
But no word of acknowledgement, not even a thank you
Death stare!

(Laser zapping solo)

Later in the evening,
Relaxing at a gig
Enjoying the songs,
The crowd is fairly big,

You came here for the music, but you don't just hear that
Because some folks apparently came for a chat
Death stare!

Tutting is too good for them,
Death Stare!
That's no moan
That's a Death Stare


OMG, I had no idea this needed #lasers and #nerd_folk, but it obviously did. Really happy to see you unleash the Kraken on this!

Came back for a listen - glad you added such awesome music. The fuzzy uke and laser sounds are inspired!

I hope this one gets music - your instruments of choice sound like they would be fun! Good observations and skirmishing!


A very relatable interpretation of the prompt. I often wonder if those stares are natural or rehearsed.


Oh man, I really hate these stares. You picked up great situations everybody can relate to.

ha! what a great idea for the prompt! death stares are underused, if you ask me! :)

nice work!

There's plenty to complain about. Death stares all around!

Yes, former teacher death stare was the one I dreaded most, putting you on the spot. Oh so many good examples in your lyric.

I'm tagging this for @nadine. That "Stir Fry" song of yours ...? How about "DEATH STARE"?! 😁


Haha, love it! I can definitely relate to the first scenario, it's hard to enjoy a nap when someone's talking on the phone so loud. Nice skirmish!

I've done a few of those death stares! Made me laugh with the truthfulness of it!


Great idea on the prompt and love the title and phrase "death stare." I've been the victim of many and have also given them out. Good writing.

I validate all your death stare-worthy scenarios in this song! Death stare is so good - we know exactly what you mean. Can't wait to hear what you do musically with the "death stare" line, but I can't wait!

I see you used "Death stare" too 😄 The "hold the door open" sequence made me chuckle and I really identified with that one! And I always hated when people talked in the audience when I or someone else was performing! Tutting! great word. Really fun lyrics!

Death stare - a powerful hook! Great concept for this challenge and your lyric is well developed around it. Love the concise lines and strong images as the story develops! Well done!


Such a slice of life here, knowing what it's like when someone is talking really loudly on a train and you can't get away from it. Can't wait to hear the @jtsteam treatment on this.