You Will See

by @marthie @cindyrella

Liner Notes

Children's song


You Will See
© 2022 Cindy Prince

See the tree growing tall?
Will it lose it's leaves in fall?
See the bird with a worm in it's mouth?
Will it stay or will it fly south?

See the frog leap into the pond?
If you croak will it respond?
See the geese flying overhead?
Will they land when it's time for bed?

Hey hidey ho
Hey hidey hee
Look around you
And you will see
Hey hidey ho
Hey hidey hee
This song is for
Both you and me

Every day find something new
A rock, a nut, a fish
Just step outside your door
Nature will grant your wish

See the horse behind the gate?
You can see it if run if you wait
See the flowers growing wild?
Always look at life as a child

Repeat chorus


I appreciated how the music moved with the lyrics--what a nice combination. Lovely vocals, too.


Intro sounded like our anthem! Lovely melody catchy chorus


Well, this one made me cry, remembering what it felt like to make up silly songs with my kids about everything around us. The lyrics and the singing, and the sweet temp changes capture that delightful pointing and naming. Great collaboration.


Just listened to another set of Cindy's lyrics based on nature. Methinks the two of you should do a "nature-themed album" of songs. Beautiful as always, Marthie!


Very beautiful song and collaboration. It reminded me of happy times when my little son used to listen to nursery rhymes and these songs were making him feeling happy. Thank you for taking me back to happy memories.


Love how Marthie approached the phrasing for this. A nice classic sounding melody for such lovely lyric, perfect for children of any age. So visual and love how the singing goes up on "tree growing tall", tons of reasons on how this wonderful write was interpreted into such a sweet song!


Oh this is beautiful! @marthie plays and sings the concise and memorable words of @cindyrella perfectly...what a treat for children and grownups everywhere!
P.S. Thanks Cindy for the birthday wishes for my kids in your kind remarkd on Another Trip Around the Sun...👍


Absolutely wonderful children’s song! Delightful, inviting, and instructive lyrics by Cindy. Marthie’s lovely piano and gorgeous vocals and such an engaging melody for children are perfect. I can image a group of happy children gathered around Marthie singing the chorus with her.


Yes! It's just perfect! Just what I had in mind and I knew you could do it. It makes me happy to hear it and I think everyone else will feel the same! Thank you!