Never gonna be the same

by @steven_davies

Liner Notes

My second track. Track about the way we sometimes move on so fast and leave so much behind that the moments can never be reproduced again.


I know that it's never gonna be the same
Never gonna to be x2
Never gonna be the same again
I know I’ll never be your friend again
Never gonna be x2
Your friend again
I know we never embrace again
Never gonna feel x2
Never gonna feel your embrace again
I know that we never talk again
We’ll never say a word x2
All the way to the end
All the way to the end…


Oddly, the chorussing voices harmonies give this a remarkably forlorn and sad feel. Which i guess is why you did it! suits the sad and sorrowful lyric. Very effective, especially with the repetitions.


I remember reading something that said, "at some point, there will be a 'last time' you and your friends hang out, but none of you will realize it at the time." I'm not getting it exact, but that came to mind with this. Melancholy, but insightful.