by @alyssacrouzetpascal

Liner Notes

#indie_rock #indie_folk #emo #acoustic #singer_songwriter #girl_with_guitar


so many images
swirling around my head.
but it’s emotions that really get
trapped in my body and
keep coming back again.
Like a scratch on a record, I
guess scratches on my mind
cause my memories to skip,
repeating over and over again

getting weaker every day
how long can I withstand this pain?
when every breath is agony,
what’s the point of living?
was I born as a punishment
for some past life’s sins?


Love the record/memories analogy - very clever, I like the rhythm you have going and the repetitive guitar lick. Your melody is a lovely ear worm, and your vocals are emotive and vulnerable. I really enjoyed listening. You have a great indie sound!


This song really tugs on the heartstring - the changes we face over time are often sad to contemplate and you capture that so well. I like the simile of a scratch on a record. Beautifully gentle guitar and gorgeous vocals.