I Free Myself (SlothCore Edition)

by @tcelliott

Liner Notes

I added music to one of my songs and then edited it slightly, slooooowed iiiiiit waaaaaay dooooowwwn (to 25 bpm) and made a slothcore version.

#slothcore #blues


I free myself from earthly bounds
My thoughts escape my body
I reject the mortal crown
A spiritual autopsy


holy - I love timestretching, and this is a great example of it! once the instruments start, it's total chillout zone. For the first minute, I didn't think I'd make it to the end, but now I can't not get there. 24/7 Hammock music - Slothcore is in full effect. Awesome! Got to the end, and it was a glorious achievement!


The bass sounds like a cello this way, way cool! The repetition of 'a spiritual autopsy' in this slow musical setting comes across a very thoughtful, revealing observation. It's like a slow echo.


ooh, wow, that is ssslllllooooowwww indeed, just listening to the first minute and you've nailed the slothcore genre for sure.. (and now, consistent with the dictated of the genre, might be time for a nap in there!) ha, this is great...


This was quite a journey! Really enjoyed listening to it, great atmosphere!