What Kind Of A World Do You Think This Is?

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

The #Vonnegut challenge I was assigned (from pg. 111 of 'Slapstick') the quote "What Kind Of A World Do You Think This Is?".
This challenge intrigued me as I have read maybe four Vonnegut books (likely will be reading more) and still have Player Piano, for which I am about due for a re-read perhaps to inspire more songs. These lyrics are a combination of recent dystopian behavior that I have observed and borrows from book summaries. I had a gig this morning so my voice had less than usual so I worked within that limitation.

#sorta_baritone_guitar tuned down a fourth to BEADF#B
Chords: E4(A4) - xo223o; A2(D2) - xx023o; Bsus4add#13(Esus4add#13) - 5ooo55; A2(D2*) - 3ooo33; Cadd9add13(Fadd9add13) - 1ooo11; B4(E4) - o222oo;


Verse 1
[E4(A4)] I have to profess
[A2(D2)] Trapped in my box
[E4(A4)] Growing weary of the rootlessness
[A2(D2)] The callous disregard for extended family on the rocks

Bridge 1
[Bsus4add#13(Esus4add#13)] How dare you suggest
Someone commit vandalism in jest
[A2(D2*)] On my sister's or cousins security
Next will you be attacking purity?
[Cadd9add13(Fadd9add13)] What kind of a world do you think this [B4(E4)] is?

Verse 2
[E4(A4)] Got my number 11
[A2(D2)] In search of others with the Oak middle name
[E4(A4)] From a tree in the street it was given
[A2(D2)] In a loneliness ending plan implementation

Bridge 2
[A2(D2*)] Hooray Daffodil-11 Swain
Release me from this pain
[Bsus4add#13(Esus4add#13)] As oil is running out
While my 200,000 extended family members shout
[A2(D2)] We are survivors
[E4(A4)] Lonesome no more
[Bsus4add#13(Esus4add#13)] How dare you imply
Someone run the risk to die
[A2(D2*)] In the midst of civilization's collapse
Holding on to these useless artifacts
[Cadd9add13(Fadd9add13)] What kind of a world do you think this [B4(E4)] is?


Fine evocation of the mood of your protagonist. Like Kurt himself, your narrator is a prophet crying in the wilderness.


Cool! You did a great job with the challenge. I feel like Vonnegut himself would have been flattered that his words inspired this piece. I love all of the Vonnegut language, spoken with wisdom and without admonishment.


You have a good way with creating a dark mood infused with life in this one, Andy. The chords match well with the lyrics and present an ominous, yet, seemingly, hopeful future to the question being asked. I think @mikeskliar is right in saying that this song's "quirky in an engaging way." And @pfoo commenting it was "really cool" is on the mark, as is @nadine 's about "you're the man of weird tuned guitars and melancholic chords."


this is striking and really quirky in an engaging way. The baritone and weird tuning adds to the whole atmosphere,, and that lyric is neatly elliptical.


That was really cool. I have not read that book, so I just quickly read a summary. I think the vocals are perfect - I can imagine leaning forward to hear the performance in a run down factory turned art space as cousins and siblings chat about family news and peak oil. I don't speak guitar, so I'll just say I enjoyed what you played.


your intonations against the odd guitar voicings are hypnotic and i was hoping a melody would not break out to ruin the spell. and it didnt. integrity won out over tradition,


I feel like I’m at a 60s coffee house - as seen in the movies - lol! This was quite interesting!


The baritone guitar is so rich an deep! I really like the repetitive guitar lick. What a question - what kind of world do you think this is?! It deserved dystopian lyrics and dissonant chords. Very cool song.


Andy, you're the man of weird tuned guitars and melancholic chords. I love that sound. And I didn't know that you tune that F# instead of G. I never read Vonnegut, so I have no idea about the mood and style of his books. Your lyrics are very dark and reflective, which works well with the title.