The Only Person I Know How To Be Is An Outsider

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

I started this song a couple weeks ago and to get out of my mini-rut, I determined to finish it. So here it is #acoustic_one_take with a doubled guitar and vocal scratch track and an added #acoustic_guitar track with multiple #musicalsurprise. Revisiting an old topic #the_society.


[A2] So I met another JW escapee,
[D4] About the time when [D] I begin to think this [Dm] shift only happened to me
[A2] Taught to be an outsider, taught not to cry
[D4] Taught not to [D] steal, taught not to [Dm] lie

Chorus 1
[C] Man here I am
[Em] Writing about this wrong twisted world view shift all over again
[C] Where the only person I know how to be
Is an [G] outsider

[A2] I was lucky enough to see through the biggest lie of them all
[D4] Stealing time from the [D] present, living life in a [Dm] lull
[A2] Traded in material possessions waiting for paradise's call
Then I [D4] watched the [D] illusion [Dm] fall

[F] I see them downtown
[E] Dressed up on the sidewalk
[F] On a hot summer [E] day
[F] By the recognizable JW black
[E] plastic magazine rack
[F] standing quietly looks like they are lonely for
[E] someone to talk to
[F] At least my relatives have stopped asking [E] when am I coming [C] back

[A2] To the hall
[D4] where the married with [D] children are in too [Dm] deep
[A2] Where world view facts get twisted to match belief
And an [D4] outsider is the only [D] type of person they are [Dm] allowed to be

Chorus 2
[C] So it goes
[Em] Never really ends and I still feel it when the wind shifts and blows
[C] All these years later the only person I know how to be
Is an [G] outsider [A2]


Wow. Deeply intimate and draws the listener right in.


Fascinating song! Wonderful guitar and expressive vocal.
Of course I know some of your back story, which makes this one even more impactful to me.


Andy, just Wow. This is the best thing I heard you write. The lyrics are so well done and (as @elesimo said), your delivery is like a punch in the gut each time. It's so heartfelt and amazing. You've dug deep and really came up with something grand. I stand here and applaud.


Really great lyrics here for sure.
I'm liking the sparse and swirly guitar.
Your words are about your specific experience, and yet they also express the universal feelings of all outsiders.
If that makes sense.
I really like this one.


Powerful. I was all into the song. Particularly enjoyed chorus 1 for its quieting quality.


I like your chord progression! I was waiting for the musical surprise all the way but maybe I listen to too much weird music that it seems normal to me 😆 When I got that right you do key changes huh?


I’m just going to leave a comment to note my fascination with this piece. I don’t quite know how to express my appreciation yet, though it was on repeat tonight. What a mystery made close and rounded, all at once strange and familiar to the listener. This is really incredible, must revisit.


This goes deep. I appreciate the insight into this experience, and the quiet emotion in the delivery.


Wow, this is so powerful, Andy! From the title, every line feels like a punch in the stomach, a confession, or both. The line "At least my relatives have stopped asking when am I coming back " is so touching. Great song!


Brilliant! It does mess with the rest of your life. You have such a different background than others and no matter how much you try to catch up, you’re always behind. I sacrificed my music under pressure and why I’m going all in now. But we will always have this in common. I met a young man at a church and he’d also been a third- generation escapee, and we immediately hugged. So yeah, you do feel like an outsider except for other escapees but for years I avoided them because I wanted to leave it all behind.