Minecraft Kid (I'm Forgotten)

by @kurtiskanttila

Liner Notes

Kanttila FM is proud to present the one time smashiest of smash hit bands, Katboy-Dog from Red Rock ON.

This flaming hot four piece band included the incredible talents of Katboy, an eclectic vocalist who liked everything from Nickelback to Theory Of A Deadman. He met Aug Dog in a lobby of Black Ops back in 2012 and became fast friends after hearing his incredible freestyle raps during the loading screens.

Much to their surprise both lads lived in the same tiny town! The two recruited a pair of local musicians from the local bar and quickly began recording their debut single, "Minecraft Kid (I'm Forgotten)". While some places may provide a drumkit and bass, the Red Rock Legion has Steve Luckwell and Bob Bob on permanent standby to accompany anyone who wants to cover songs from 7 to 9 PM on weekday nights (free homefries and water provided).

Sick of playing "867-5309\Jenny", "Jessie's Girl" and "The Kid Is Hot Tonite" every night of their lives, Steve and Bob were excited for the new gig.

After uploading their debut single on YouTube Katboy-Dog took off. But tragically, in their own words they "grew up and realized the horrors of their creations" before they could make it to Winnipeg for their opening spot in the Skrillex concert.

But we will never forget this band and their songs live on in the hearts of all Canadians. For the first time in ten years their songs will be heard again. Consider this an honor.

#Metal #KanttilaFM


Yo his world is crumbling, and nobody love
A bad kid with a baseball glove
Alone in the park, where Dad was suppose to be
Now all that's left of Pops is his alimony

It's true, all I have eventually
Will kill me, just like McDolands
and Minecraft with my fake friends
They told everyone the girl I liked

Now I can't ask her out and I can't ask for much
My Mom won't give me even lunch
I have to eat sandwiches made of grass and stone
So won't anyone give me a bone

Yo he lives upstairs in his attic now
It's hot up there, but no one cares anyhow
He sleeps with birds and ants
and no one gives the boy head pats

It's true I need head pats
Or I will be a lost cause
No one will give me a wink
So I'm going to become a twinkie addict

Now I can't get a break because my Kit Kats have melted
My Mom won't even give me a new one
I repaint Sonic daily on my Windows XP
Computer and share it online


The first kine summarizes the songs heart brilliantly: Yo his world is crumbling, and nobody love …


Very cool! Funeral and wedding haha. Great job on this


These lyrics are absolute genius, especially the "alimony" line.
I really love your unhinged rokkin energy.
"Head pats" lol
It sounds like you had a lot of fun putting this together.
Wow, great guitar shredding for sure.
Good one!!


Long live #kanttilaFM!

Never knew there was such an amazing band in Red Rock. Gonna have to take a trip there to see one of their live shows 😀

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. Sounds like you had a ton of fun putting this one together, Kurtis


Super fun! I'm loving the frenzied, chaotic energy here, and the different characters are great. That gruff voice lamenting how "they told everyone the girl I liked" gave me a particularly good laugh. Nice work!


You are extremely creative, what with all the characters and back-story. "Will kill me, just like McDonalds" is a great line. I love the trading off of vocals - it really does sound like a band. Poppy metal. Van Halen-like solo. Get crazy!


Oh man this brings nu metal to a new level. I have no idea how you can sing with different voices! Give that kid a kit kat!


Epic hilarity. this chorus of the undefeated..rock on. down the highway to hell with two tickets to paradise. (dont forget to stop at a corner mom and pop store to swipe some candy bars)