Miata Girl

by @kurtiskanttila

Liner Notes

Uploading this as an instrumental is me admitting defeat on this track.

I got nothing. No possible melody to sing on top of this. The riff in the verse was just too difficult to do anything else over. I have no idea what key it's in or what it is. It's just something I played. The drum beat and bass still don't sound right to me and there is nothing I can possibly sing over it. The chorus bit could be reused, though I have no melody for it either.

At this point it's better to just upload the instrumental and be done with it. I don't like to upload instrumentals like this, because it was meant to have vocals, but there is nothing I can do here.

Two weeks ago I put myself out when I slammed by thumb in a truck door. It hurt a lot. After a few days a visit to the hospital saved me a lot of agony. My thumb has been getting better and I was able to play again last week. I just had to hold the left drumstick with my thumb sticking out, which...sort of worked well in a way.

Anyway here is this track. Not what I wanted but sometimes you have to just cut your losses and move on.

#Rock #Instrumental


(Intended lyrics)

Hello '92 Miata Girl
The eyelashes on your car curl
Hey, what's it's name?
From the grill a little tongue hangs

You could drive, your car
Through the aisles of Wal-Mart
and park under a transport truck
Keep it glossy, wash off the muck

Top down, roadster
Look out for the Miata girl
Lights are up, hello friend
That's how you know she's a Miata girl

Look at that sunglass girl drive
On the way to cars and coffee
You know she's gotta be the very best
With her baby Biscuit, cuter than all the rest

Your car, pretends
To be tough when it's a cotton puff
The Miata girl is well aware
If you don't like it, she don't care

Top down, roadster
Look out for the Miata girl
Lights are up, hello friend
That's how you know she's a Miata girl

Miata, Miata, Miata Girl
Miata, Miata, Miata Girl
Miata, Miata, Miata Girl
Miata, Miata, Miata Girl


Well, first of all, I hope these lyrics find a musical home, because they are awesome! I can picture the Miata girl, and in fact have known one (and a Miata guy).
What a rockin' instrumental - big and bold, crunchy and glammy. That is some inspired guitar-ing!


Great track! This thing is totally workable just give it a rest for now and I'm pretty sure you could come up with some vocals for this it's not too bad based on what I hear. I haven't tried no haha but the potential for vocals is right there it's just getting the right lyrics or adjusting current lyrics. It seems like there's a lot of room to work with a chorus. Outstanding job on this track I like it a lot


Sorry to hear about your thumb! I like the bass riffs in this tune a lot, as well as the drum parts. Getting a classic KISS vibe ... I could see Gene singing this tune in 1975. Ace-type solos and Criss-ian drumming! The solo at 2:45 or so really rocked.


You know, those lyrics might work as a spoken word thing over the music.
Like a few other Commenters have said, this works perfectly fine as an instrumental for sure.
The bass, guitar, and the active percussion really hold one's interest all on their own.
Another good one, KK!!


Kurtis, I know how you feel. I'm also not a big fan of instrumental music but sometimes I just stuck on lyrics. Your backing track has a great energy. If you have some lyrics I could try to you finding a melody and phrasing for your voice. But some phrases may be tweaked.


As a listener, this is A-ok with no lyrics because the instrumental sounds really good on its own. Its a great riff song. The guitar sounds really good, the drums, the bass - all of it.
I do understand, however, how when you make something yourself it just doesn't sound right to you; happens all too often to me as well.
And no matter what anyone else says, when we want something to turn out a certain way...when we went in with a plan...or when we just hit a wall, as the creator, we';; never be satisfied.
So I know even saying how much I enjoyed this as I listened while gaming...that probably isn't enough to make you satisfied with your track.
But yeah man, i legit am feeling this as just a straight up instrumental. Its not even a stretch, I don't have to make an effort to 'excuse' the absence of vocals. It sounds like its supposed to be an instrumental to me. And its a great sounding one at that.
Oh and I also really like the title! I'm aware it could be a reference to something other than the little zippy car, but that's what pops into my head first!


did you write lyrics for this? i can hear a vocal on top of the lick. cream did a good job with this sort of thing on sunshine of your love. i think its too good a track to give up on. love the way you recorded the drums and the guitar is exciting.