And Google Owns Your Arms

by @kyrla

Liner Notes

this is definitely my favourite cut off the album. written before this happyroadkill comic came out but very similar idea:

Track 15 of 16 on Modern Technic

#electronic #cyberpunk #shoegaze


(Taking risks is living a life to the fullest!)

Do you think with your own mind?
Or is that just another inefficiency the devs will soon refine?

Living in the plastic age,
Where your eyes stream to Twitch, and Google owns your arms.
When the lights go out, can you still see the stars?
Can they replace what’s in your brain?
How much of yourself do you still have when the weekend comes again?


I agree - the piano sounds very authentic. Love your piano playing. Cool synth sounds throughout. Nice driving beat. Awesome title!! I really like the melody of your lyrics - and how it fits with the instrumental track. Shoegaze is such a cool genre - you totally nailed it with this song.


@billwhite51 thanks! this is actually ableton's stock "grand piano" patch because i do not currently have access to a real piano.

some of the modern technic tracks (2,4,5,6,8,12) were done prior to 50/90 so the whole album's almost there if you want to take a listen to things in order

i'm using the start of 50/90 to properly finish the album so it should be done by the end of the month


love the dominance of what sounds like a real piano among all these fascinating sounds. the lyrics are an unexpected bonus with their imaginative provocations regarding the side effects of an invasive internet. i have to catch up on these modern technic pieces. the ending took me to jupiter.