Love Songs

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

I've just realised I've never properly introduced myself. This song should do the trick. Hello!

Er, yes. So, really, this is partly because I thought writing a short song would be fun, and partly in irritation that anything you read about any art or craft on the internet seems to start with the assumption that it's a side hustle or a career change. No! I'm just having fun! Leave me alone! Anyway, better get on with it or the introduction will be longer than the song. #iloveshortsongs #ukulele #fuc


Some people like to sing love songs
That come from the depths of their soul
You've got to believe that their heart's on their sleeve
That's the way to a hit, so I'm told

Some people like to sing love songs
Perhaps I should give it a try
They're always commercial they're so universal
That even the hard hearted cry

Some people like to sing love songs
When they pick up their guitar
But I've got a uke and a daft sense of humour
So I'm not going to do that

Sounds to me like a great song to use as a concert opener. I love how it finishes.


short, fun and sweet! I like it! 😀

Pythonesque pop - or is it poppy Python? Either way, the wry humour and the sweet simplicity of the subject and the uke come together beautifully. I especially enjoyed the internal rhymes on the third lines, and the lack of rhymes on the very last.

Ha ha well done. Perfectly ended! Feel yourself introduced!

That last line non-rhyme made me laugh! I love a short song! They are like a friendly wave...versus someone spending the night which is what a 5 or more minute songs feel like. Cute lyric!

its a fun song that promises more fun dont let us down. keep them, coming!

Ha ! Verse 3 is especially great. That's fun little song. :)