Sathanas: A Love Song

by @ianuarius @tcelliott

Liner Notes

Lyrics by TC
Music by Juha

#doom #metal #rock #lovesong


Butchery and dissolution
Punishment and retribution
Genocide and demolition
Murder and decomposition
Arid famine and starvation
Depleted souls and ruination
Only these I love

Slaughter and extermination
Carnage and assassination
Rejection and elimination
Pestilence and consummation
Vindictiveness and cancellation
Virulence and disintegration
Only these I love

Enmity and persecution
Malevolence and execution
Slavery and subjugation
Abhorrence and assimilation
Spitefulness and devastation
Malice and annihilation
Only these I love


Great piece of "metal" - even down to having the devil sing it!
Super lead solo.
Only question is, can it be true metal if you can understand the lyrics? πŸ˜‰

PS I also admire @stephenwordsmith 's comments on this.


I love @Stephenwordsmith's comment about the choice of words and learning about them. Nice collab you guys. The guitar rocks. Loving the metal vibe.


Doom metal vocabulary lesson. I'm happy that every instrument and vocals are good to understand. What is quite the exception in that scene πŸ˜† Such a cool solo and mood.


Can we stop for a moment and admire the vocabulary on display here? We've strayed pretty far from the Up Goer Five word bank and I am here for it. You've set yourself the challenge of using long polysllabic words with Latin roots and feminine rhymes and giving them an edge - not easy to do, but the contrast with the shorter and more teutonic words at the start of the lines (which are nonetheless linked very tightly) means they lose none of their menace. Ia's delivery, naturally, supports this. The guitar flourish is sinister indeed, and the whole thing has a cadence which is tumbling yet threatening - like a tornado.


ooooooh immediately i love the mixing on the guitars, makes me nostalgic of weezer's "pinkerton" album of all things! your vocal delivery is very fun too! πŸ˜„


I love the layers right from the start. Every instrument sounds cool to me. That high vocal(?) sound doubling the guitar melody is such an effective supporting piece it almost steals the show. Maybe it’s another guitar or something but it sounds like falsetto and it makes it even doomier.

Gotta play from the start again. This is a force here. Lyrically, I’m in a happy demon headspace, which is undeniably heavy and rocks hard. Sick solo.


This is pure doom. The music and vocals are a perfect match to the lyrics. Pretty scary stuff here. The guitar is great. Loved the solo.


Classic, timeless and universal, lyrics are direct and authentic, vocal performance and accompaniment are appropriate and wonderfully executed. Well done! ;)


metal is so hilarious and your lyrics here are a gas. the music is awesome