You Will See

by @cindyrella

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

#children's #nature #collaborations_welcome
This chorus popped into my head while doing laundry, so I had to write it down.


You Will See
© 2022 Cindy Prince

See the tree growing tall?
Will it lose it's leaves in fall?
See the bird with a worm in it's mouth?
Will it stay or will it fly south?

See the frog leap into the pond?
If you croak will it respond?
See the geese flying overhead?
Will they land when it's time for bed?

Hey hidey ho
Hey hidey hee
Look around you
And you will see
Hey hidey ho
Hey hidey hee
This song is for
Both you and me

Every day find something new
A rock, a nut, a fish
Just step outside your door
Nature will grant your wish

See the horse behind the gate?
You can see it if run if you wait
See the flowers growing wild?
Always look at life as a child

Repeat chorus


Nice and happy Little Piece. Well done


Very cute write! Love kid's songs. They do question everything!