Intro (Modern Technic)

by @kyrla

Liner Notes

contains the thesis statement of my album: we're already living in a cyberpunk dystopia, we are at least owed the cool aesthetics to match.

Track 1 of 16 on Modern Technic

#electronic #cyberpunk #edm


Modern times left me disappointed,
The neon lights we were promised haven’t arrived.
The future’s bleak, and worse, it is bland and annoying
Our mundane dystopia, how will we survive?
With the world at our backs, we’ll just

Face the sun, take your time.
‘Cause when the demons come, oh we will be divine.
Cyberpunks on the run,
The Modern Technic of our lives, our story’s only just begun.


When I saw the cyberpunk and edm tags, I had to investigate! I really like the different texture and approach of the vocal. I think you're on to something here. This is a really cool sound you've put together.

I like your theory about how we're at least owed the cool aesthetics to match this cyberpunk dystopia we're living in! Really cool track, really cool concept!