by @kyrla

Liner Notes

Track 3 of 16 on Modern Technic

#electronic #synthpop #cyberpunk


As Jupiter rises above the horizon,
Your eyes are surprised, advertised to by drones in the sky,
What’cha wanna buy?
The sunset is sponsored by earbuds and games,
As the heavens themselves try to sell out their fame,
What a shame, they’re all the same.

Something’s in the water, something can’t be seen,
As the demons spread their wings, go riding free,
The ninety-ninth call to action, would you like to round up your order?
We’re sure that the poor would adore your compassion,
And we pinky promise that it’s not our taxes.

Blood and ashes, how did everything turn fascist?
Think we’ve left it far too long and now our future’s all but gone,
And when we’re up against the wall and there is no-one left to call,
We’re reassured that when the end times come at least we won’t be bored,

And when the plastic and petrol give way to the chrome and lights,
The fire tunnel that we’re destined to all die in will writhe in RGB,
And our last moments will make some epic content
For your family to watch while they eat.

(‘Cause) as Jupiter falls through the trees in the forest,
The shadows of all of our fears looked and saw what we are,
We won’t get far,
And the halos of angels are buzzing like signs made of neon,
With lungs full of freon, we reach for the stars,
From Earth to Mars.

(Something’s in the water)


Great dystopian sounds there, blending nice with the post-apocalyptical lyrics. Cinematic to the bone


these could be my fav set of lyrics I've read so far. I feel it all. interesting vocal delivery but it works good with the music.


post-rap synth-pop? kind of a winning combination, lots of lyrical wordplay and rhyme sung in 80's style with synth backing. alos a bit visionary in these warnings of the packaging and commercialization of outer space.