Depth of the Well

by @jeustan

Liner Notes

Another strange #piano_roll #midi song, this time using the Google translate voice and randomly chosen sentences from


hello, i am a computer generated voice.
i will now read some randomly generated sentences.

the beauty of the view stunned the young boy.
a pot of tea helps to pass the evening.
four hours of steady work faced us.
It's easy to tell the depth of the well.
depth of the well..

The box was thrown beside the parked truck.
The birch canoe slid on the smooth planks.
Kick the ball straight and follow through.
The salt breeze came across from the sea.
from the sea.. depth of the well..

Mend the coat before you go out.
Smoky fires lack flame and heat.
The juice of lemons makes fine punch.
Take the winding path to reach the lake.
Reach the lake.. from the sea.. depth of the well..

The small pup gnawed a hole in the sock.
Two blue fish swam in the tank.

reach the lake.. from the sea.. depth of the well..

Lift the square stone over the fence.
The ship was torn apart on the sharp reef.
A king ruled the state in the early days.
The source of the huge river is the clear spring.

the huge river.. reach the lake.. from the sea.. depth of the well..


I'm a fan. This is so enjoyable on so many levels: concept, track, the way you've edited the AI voice over the track. I look forward to listening to more of your stuff.


Very cool concept and groovy delivery. I like your choice of instrumentation and the feel of computer generated themes.


This is quite a funky and compelling little number. I choose to see it as a philosophical exploration of the metaphorics of depth, and thus I see it as a very deep song :)


The bass and the finger snaps kick in, and I'm sold. That bass line is really good and the bonkers text of the lyrics takes this into all sorts of interesting places. Tonally, this feels like this is the hip love child of the Tom Tom Club and Will Powers (Llyn Goldsmith). Had to listen to this twice to properly savour the bass. And downloaded it, too. Definitely gets the HFO badge of approval; I'd quite happily buy a whole album of this sort of stuff.

And have you seen the guy on social media drawing a portrait of himself with MIDI data on a piano roll that's doing the rounds at the moment? Mad skills...


The computer-voice warbliness on "slid on the smoooOOthh planks" got me.
You need to know I love everything about this.
You need to know that this speaks to me in some kind of very deep way, and I'm not just saying that. This is exactly what I want to hear. I can't put it any better than that.
The idea itself...taking random computer generated nonsense as the basis and build around that??? That's the kind of genius I praise.
And then how good you made that voice sound with fx and stutters and what not.
There's even rhythm in it when you pick up the intensity with the drums.
And the drums - the sounds you've used in your kit for programming. This is all retro...this is like new-old stock and I LOVE THAT.
This might sound strange, as if I've not already sounded strange here, but this song as such a coziness to it, a friendly familiarity, a light-hearted feels like an old friend somehow.
Love this 100%.
whoops i forgot to even mention the synths and bass - 90s goodness is something you've been doing a lot this 50/90 and I'm honestly here for all of it. This stuff sounds SO GOOD to me.


Very cool indeed


This is amazing! What a concept, I love it so much πŸ˜‚


Love that intro.
Weirdly surreal lyrics for sure.
Great little synth twitters there.
Nice grooving music is a good compliment to the computer voice.
Really excellent work.


what strijes me is the solid logic of these random sentences, lacking entirely the surrealistic results of the humanly constructed sentences created by the cut-up method. but i do like the computer voice and the repeats of the title line which bears no relationship to the rest of the random sentences, and the musical arrangement is pleasantly hypnotic.


Dude - I love it when the creativity springs forth like this. I dig this concept. Something about "the juice of lemons make fine punch" that is intriguing me. Not sure what that's about but I like it.


The voice is strangely captivating because of the music accompanying it. Nice job with the arrangement. Cool ear-candy and groovy rhythm section!


This is surprisingly cohesive. Really nice job with the music and the cutting and pasting of those random phrases. It’s interesting, effective and creative.


I am a big fan of experiments and to leave the konventional path of music!
I love this bass line and the rhythm section and this computer voice. Great idea! Good job 😊