Knocked Down

by @standup

Liner Notes

I started with a riff. Sounded a little Stones-like. So I recorded acoustic guitar kinda distorted, like Stones on, say, "Street Fighting Man", then watched a 10-minute video on Keith Richards tuning and guitar riffs. So this is my low-budget Stones parody.
#basic-rock #rock


Get knocked down
Knocked down again
On the ground
Is where I always been

Pre chorus
What am I supposed to do
I been knocked down
All over town
I been knocked down
Down to the ground

I been knocked down
Knocked down before
I’m not even
keeping score

Get knocked down
Not for the first time
Mighta lost count
In this lifetime

Get knocked down
On the floor again
All my hurt
Better left unsaid


Really like this..he acoustic guitar and your vocal. You have many styles of vocals. You knocked me out with Mr. Slippers, and then you come up with this different sound. Both very nice!


Cool written Lyrica. Very soulfull performance and great guitar


Knocked Down, by Standup. That's poetry right there.

I'm enjoying the energy of this one. Loving the phrasing and gang vocals on the title line. And all those mixolydian guitar licks.


love the echoes of street fighting man on the chorus. after reading keith's autobiography, i tuned my guitar to his tuning and played street fighting man all afternoon. this is a good song even outside of those stones licks. has a littl touch of tom petty in there as well.


This has great movement in it, and your vocals sound particularly fine here. I like the simplicity of the lyrics which lets you just sink into the music. Nice job.