by @kyrla

Liner Notes

Haven't given up on 50/90, have just been bottlenecked by recording studio availability. Got five more tracks ready to go, just need some quick polishing

Track 11 of 16 on Modern Technic

#cyberpunk #electronic #lgbt

(for clarification, this song is about DIY HRT)


We can meet at night in the hollow,
Where we won’t be seen.
Chasing shots from Apollo,
To the light of Selene.

We can meet at night in the hollow,
See things you won’t believe.
Under fire, look to tomorrow,
We’ll take this reprieve.

And these days it’s forbidden,
‘Cause they’re warped by hate.
But if we stay hidden,
And cooperate,

‘Cause right here, down in the hollow,
We can help ourselves.
Making what they won’t give us,
Take and recuperate.
It’s not too late.
It’s never too late.

If they won’t help us, then we’ll help ourselves.
DIY, we start to fly, and then we’ll know we’ll be alright.
And we’ve moved on from horses, gone are all the
Days messing around, because we’ve
Found the secret formula and brought it to the hounds,

Jack right in to cyberspace, and grab your acids, grab your base,
And welcome to your new birthplace, your true self’s face, 'cause
When we get back from the hollow,
And they’ll all see
The things they thought they never want to see,
The real you, running wild and free.


This is a really good listen too - totally different atmosphere, loved the angular synths and the generally sullen atmosphere