Good Luck Charms

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

My football team lost and I don't understand because I was wearing my lucky socks!

Okay, not really, but I did see a magpie the other day, and instinctively wished it good morning, a habit I picked up from my dad. It got me wondering what other odd superstitions there are. Here's a few.

It's a bit of #ukulele #folk #fuc, with a touch of glockenspiel.

I should have waited to post this as my 13th song...


Don't open that umbrella when you are inside,
Walking under ladders, well that isn't very wise
If you see a magpie then there's trouble on the way
But you know you can avert it if you pass the time of day

I found a four leafed clover and I've got my rabbit's foot
I've never broken mirrors and I always knock on wood
My football team won when I was wearing these odd socks,
So I wear them every time that I decide to watch

Why can't I get a break
With all these good luck charms?

I make sure the moon is waxing when the barber cuts my hair,
Keep my new shoes off the table and I don't cross on the stairs
I had to skip that line, it was the thirteenth in the song

Why can't I get a break
With all these good luck charms?

These talismans and amulets aren't having much effect
Some say the more you practise, the luckier you get


When I walk along the street I don't step on the cracks
I stay away from black cats so that they can't cross my path
I'll always pick up pennies when I see them on the floor
And I've got a lucky horseshoe that I hang above the door

Why can't I get a break
With all these good luck charms?
What could possibly go wrong
With all these good luck charms?


I think my grandmother lived in compliance with all of these except the socks...and maybe the magpie. Well done!


Fun tune, and the ukulele is very nice! I agree with @beacon - I'm not sure if it is something on your ukulele or the recording method, but I like the somewhat unusual sound you obtained. Had a big smile listening to the poor narrator's efforts to find good luck!


Really well written and the glockenspiel is a nice touch. How did you get that tambre on your ukulele? I like it!


much more than a laundry list of superstitions, this is a jaunty romp through childhood wishes and wisdoms, capped with the puzzling question of why none of it works. the uke was a perfect choice for accompaniment


Nice! The skipped line is genius. The sheer number of all these superstitions really tell something about people. We're very inventive when trying to pass the blame to anything but our own actions. Great catchy melody and a toe-tapping rhythm.