Hoarder House

by @gubna

Liner Notes

#nolistening #experimental #spoken_word #poetry

Recording Tracks - Notes:

I used Chordian for some synth sound, then Patterning 2 with a glitch beat and I let one of the sounds rotate back and forth while it played. Then I put down a bass line with iFretless and looped it, then used SampleWiz and sang something. Recorded it in soundforge so I could loop and tweek the sound. I timestretched it back and forth a couple times, then doubled the track in the daw and moved it slightly so it would have an echo. Then I used field scaper to sing Hoarder House.
And then I sat and wrote lyrics for the rest of the day while I worked, jotting down another line here and there so I could sing it into Quickvoice – then play the recording of it and used some random vocal settings for the lead voice.

Well, I don't know what it sounds like yet cause I haven't listened to it. finished recording them a bit ago and then mixed it in the DAW visually as best I could.

Due to the character limit, the last lyric lines cut off, hopefully you can hear the words at the end! I tried to get them all to fit, but I guess I wrote too much.


Newspapers piled high Romancing a tire swing in the yard Paint buckets, old projects to do Incidental dead cat jambalaya rat feast And your wine bottle collection too Sifting thru a pile of ceremonial hats Blankets from yesterday’s amazon box carcasses A mountain of brand new t-shirts on the bed, some in packages, some with tags Menus from restaurants which closed years ago
Packages and packages of thank you note cards, unopened and unwritten, yet some had stamps on the envelope
A blast of funk wafting thru an open doorway to somewhere you know you never want to go
A child’s class homework project with coffee stains sit idle on a dresser, the only place in view with a furniture top that’s visible.
Buckets and buckets Not sure what’s in ‘em, not sure I want to know
But the lids are on tight (thank god).
Stuff, yours, mine, ours, nobody’s
Your golden parachute is just a parachute you’ll never use
Stored in a storage bin Under a pile of new storage bins You got to bin the storage in
Shelves filled with books and books and books Spilling on to the floor
Like words on to the page Vomited by a prize-winning author
Perilous are the plates in the kitchen
Sink has a stack, counter too Good luck finding a clean one or a cup that’s not used.
Soda and beer cans potato chip bags litter the floor Looks like a party of cancer-causing chemicals, and diabetes-to-go
But alas, the treasure lasts Never moved, never changed
Unhinged was the collecting owner He’d argue he was not deranged
And on to the games, puzzles, and notebooks filled with half-written pages
Some without names, but with phone numbers And there’s that box of old cables
Oh, and then there’s the garage.
It’s almost as if the trash company were delivering there for a few weeks one summer And a whole colony of cats were running card games there
Something about getting free cat food Catnip everywhere All over town At an angle the garage door was down Just enough room for cats mice and rats


Pretty fun party
No lights


that stepping up in the druney bass sounds is cool in the background. it feels like a nightmare ride through a hoarders house. great use of repeating motifs and love how those vocals sound with the wobbling too. this is a constructive approach to it, keeping it simple with the beat and the bass carrying along.


awesome. thanks for the comments. I still haven't listened to it as of yet!

EDIT: finally listened to it this morning , 7.21. I would only raise the lead vocal line a bit in the mix to make the words a bit clearer. Total chaos. I think I'll try this again, but with acoustic instruments, and record them over several days, or weeks, as to completely forget what I've played - but keep note of tempo and key so it's not total insanity.


you had me at "Incidental dead cat jambalaya rat feast " the music and sounds envelop the words in a well-ordered chaos on repeat.


How did you get into our attic room? :D
No, it’s not that bad. But my boyfriend tends to keep things, that I‘d have thrown away probably years ago. So this was accurate. It’s haunting, I love the rhythmic clap there. Sounds like raindrops on an electric fence


That backing track is perfectly appropriate for the chaos of a hoarder house. The mix sounds good to me.

I found this hilarious. Years ago, I worked with a guy who bought out a lot of estate sales/delinquent storage lockers/etc. I've seen some things. You've described it perfectly.


It’s really cool how the instrumental is very chaotic and it fits with what the lyrics are saying. Nice!