Last Stand

by @alyssacrouzetpascal

Liner Notes

#indie #alternative #emo #indie_rock #alternative_rock #acoustic #singer-songwriter #lo-fi #girl_with_guitar


Told me you decided to work things out with her.
You said you’d thought she didn’t love you anymore.
Now she’s down in Florida,
but she’ll be moving back here in the fall.

I asked you “what does this mean for us?”
And you just said this was wrong from the start
“So, what, were you just using me?” I asked impatiently. “I thought you cared for me”

I spent the night at your house
One last night to cry about
Though you seemed distant and preoccupied
I asked you what was wrong,
you said “Nothing, I’m fine.”

I thought we had dinner plans,
But you just wanted to go to bed.
I made frozen dumplings from your freezer
As you went on and on about how you couldn’t wait to see her

I thought you cared for me

I spent the night in your bed
Cuddled up, buried my face in your neck
Too much weight and you’re suffocating
Strangle you with my desperation.
Morning kisses, then you drive me home
And now I’m feeling so alone
Summertime relations,
they’re fleeting like vacations.
Now it’s back to crushing loneliness.
I can’t believe that this time you’re the one that I miss.

i thought you cared for me


I really like your sense of melody and indie style. I also like the confrontational style, especially as the song went on. Great lyrical pacing and transitions from section to section - also love your chord choices. Did the outro perfectly - from almost cry/singing to a whisper. Wow what an ending to a very cool song.


The tone if your voice made for these 90s grungy and 00s emo rock songs. And you're getting real agressive on the guitar. I hear the frustration 😀


Really like the verse melody. It reminds me of Hole or Nirvana a little, in that the melodies are ear-wormy, and the shift in tone between verse and chorus is quite stark. The chorus is lovely - the plaintive, frustrated lyric and vocal, and the slightly dreamy sounding second chord sits very well. Very enjoyable song, great work.