Singing Telegram Kid

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Song prompts taken from @unknownbecky #twitch stream, video link and her resulting song here I used 'singing telegram' but turned him into someone about my age still doing it and imagining 'Singing Telegram Kid' was the business name. Also I used a prompt I suggested 'Walking to Grimey's' the record store in Nashville which is just off of Gallatin Pike and imagined that my character does not have a car. Before the #skirmish like prompt started I pre-determined using an #open_tuning open C CGCGCE which may have been a mistake on the Baby Taylor as the sixth string intonation did not like that. Apologies to those listening that have perfect (or anywhere close to perfect) pitch.


[C] I'm a singing telegram kid
[Fmaj7] Walking to Grimey's
[C] Delivering a personalized song
[Fmaj7] Going back to the 70's
[Cadd9add13] Whistling along Gallatin Pike
Only singing songs that they like
[Fmaj7] Looking for emotions to [C] find long lost feelings

[C] It's a long walk from East Nashville
[Fmaj7] I came to get famous
[C] Chasing my dreams but they're unfulfilled
[Fmaj7] It just wasn't the same as
[Cadd9add13] Facing traffic on Gallatin Pike
Thinking of singing songs that I liked
[Fmaj7] Looking for emotions to [C] find long lost feelings

[A] Moving 1200 miles from
[G] Cheyenne [D] Wyoming
[A] Didn't like the way
[G] my life there was [D] going nowhere
[Cm] Felt life wasting away
No chance for growing and I wanted to go anywhere
[G] I took a Trailways bus to Nashville Tennessee
[C] Where my favorite singers used to be
[F] Johnny, Townes, Merle, and Loretta
[E] Life couldn't have been better
Than [D] being anything but

[C] a middle-aged singing telegram kid
[Fmaj7] Walking to Grimey's (dreaming and smiling)
[C] I won't get famous but that's okay
[Fmaj7] buying albums I find cheap (I love what I'm doing)
[Cadd9add13] Walking along Gallatin Pike
Singing all the songs that I like
[Fmaj7] Looking for emotions to [C] find long lost feelings

[C] I'm a singing telegram kid


There's a certain haunting sound that weaves through this one, @andygetch , that grabs attention. So much so that in some respects it reminded me of The Kinks' "Celluloid Heroes." It's that kind of "sorrow" and character connection to the events in the song that came through for me best in it. I like the journey your character took, and how you presented it to us listeners. And, those spots of which you sang, I have not seen, so I enjoyed how you brought them to life by way of mention. I thought in some spots, though, you could have used a little more rehearsing, because your voice seemed off key and disconnected with the music, and your focus seemed to be much on the chords you were playing, rather than all of what you were doing trying to sound natural. Don't get me wrong, I loved the mood set and the song's story, I just think it all needs to be a bit tighter, and I'd say that would come about with some more practicing of this song.


What an interesting character and story!
I love the chords in the bridge - it was interesting to follow along and see where such unusual changes would wind up. Kind of like following the "kid's" path into middle age. Good one!


Okay, just hearing Gallatin Pike is enough make me nostalgic. Does anywhere have Pike's except for Nashville? I love that you write along with @unknownbecky's twitch. That tuning is really interesting, and I love the way your story unwinds through the chords.


The guitar sounds a lot like a dulcimer.
That dissonance really makes my ear holes happy.
I like how you provide the chords so I can play along.
Nice little character study for sure.
Another good one.


penetrating character study that is aptly delivered in a semi-depressive state. so many people like this in nashville, los angeles, and new york, who drift around but never establish themselves.


I have no idea about Americas roads and distances, but I imagine a kid with a big dream running away from home. Like a modern bard. I didn't expect that hes ok with not being famous though moving to Nashville. Interesting chord progressions and tuning.


The song title drew me in, my first job here in the UK over 40 years ago, was honestly delivering telegrams. But I can certainly relate to travelling around with my telegrams, wondering what I was going to do next. I like the overall feel of this piece, very relaxing and pensive.


There are so many great images in this song! You drew such a picture of him walking up Gallatin Pike against traffic, singing and thinking about his life. And the phrase 'singing telegram kid' is so good and evocative. I hope you keep this one!


Love this tuning! Nice drone sounds and beautiful dissonance. I have a Baby Taylor also and tuning can be tricky, but I love the sound and the size. The story in your song is great - and singing telegram kid is so clever. I like how you adapted it and your really got into the narrators head for this one. Nicely done!