The Oranges

by @gubna

Liner Notes

#fruit #poetry
A poem I wrote the other day, July 14th which I put to some random backwards music I made with an ipad app. There's some background synth noises too. The poem loops three times each time becoming more and more unwieldy, with flanger, and tube echoes.


Wishful thinking when you
Get around to it isn't going
To help you find the time
To live
To break down and cry
To give
Someone a face full of pie
Keep on going
Keep it surreal
While you pick the pocket
Of a metaphysical seal
Take the chance
Say Hello
It could only lead to
One more "No!"
And then you'll find

The Oranges
You left behind

Your seat!
Now, they're all green and moldy

Take Care!


Interesting indeed. A bit of theater of the absurd...I like it. I like how it all comes to an end (fading out) until that rather creepy part of whispering comes in. THAT was unnerving...but yet has a hint of humor, too. Nice work with this one.


Interesting use of escalating echo, it goes from emphasis to deconstruction very quickly.

I need someone to take the time to give me a face full of pie